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The Best Marketing Engines In SaaS & The Cloud

What Makes Up The Brick Framework?



The strength of a brand doesn’t come from boardroom discussions, it comes from your customers.  

We combine data from social media channels, search volume, community growth, sentiment, UGC, off-site activity, and more to gauge brand strength.

For example, Workiva scored Undeniable in Branding.

Rich Content

Rich Content

Content is the foundation of the internet. To survive long term it’s important that B2B brands are investing in a variety of rich content assets. 

We analyze the existing content efforts of each brand to see who is truly creating innovative content.

For example, PayPal scored Thriving in Rich Content.



The actions that your customers take often says more than most brands would like to believe. We combine and analyze digital interactions across multiple channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter andThe actions that your customers take can often say a lot about a brand, especially on social media.  

We analyze the many digital interactions across distribution channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to understand how engaged a brand’s audience really is.

For example, GoDaddy scored Great in Interactions.



The path to conversion in B2B is a lot more difficult and complicated than it once was.

We use search data to gauge sentiment surrounding a brand’s pricing and churn potential. We also analyze pricing pages, on-site features, and more to understand how likely a new user is to convert into a customer.

For example, VMware scored Undeniable in Commerce.



The reputation you have amongst your stakeholders and employees is extremely important.

Whether it’s what employees are saying about the senior leadership team or what customers are saying about the product – we use qualitative insight and quantitative data to gauge what stakeholders think of each brand.

For example, LogMeIn scored Undeniable in Karma.

Top Public SaaS & Cloud Companies

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Organizations that are undeniably leading the industry


Organizations that have accomplished a legendary level of success


Organizations that are performing better than most of their peers


Organizations that are moving in the right direction


Organizations that are doing good but have lots of room for improvement


Organizations struggling to accomplish success similar to their peers


Organizations that are two or three years behind their peers

Rank Company Brand Rich Content Interactions Commerce Karma
1 Slack Great Great Great Great Great
2 Zoominfo Great Poor Laggard Undeniable Undeniable
3 Smartsheet Legendary Great Laggard Great Undeniable
4 Semrush Legendary Undeniable Legendary Great Legendary
5 DocuSign Legendary Great Undeniable Undeniable Legendary
6 Cloudfare Great Great Legendary Laggard Poor
7 Sprout Social Great Undeniable Undeniable Great Great
8 MongoDB Legendary Undeniable Legendary Great Great
9 Atlassian Great Poor Great Laggard Great
10 Adobe Great Laggard Great Good Legendary
Last updated: Q2 2021

The SaaS & Cloud Software Marketing Benchmark Report Volume 1 - Measuring Digital Marketing Excellence

In this report, we share the state of SaaS and the cloud as it relates to key metrics that we believe contribute to an organizations long term growth potential and existing competitive moat.

How Does Your Company Compare?

Over the next few months, we are going to start opening up the BRICK platform, benchmarks, and analytics to more brands.

Our aim with BRICK is to help brands identify marketing strengths, become aware of marketing weaknesses, and use this data to unlock greater success as they grow. If you want to be a part of this amazing opportunity, please fill out the form below.

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Why Did We Create BRICK?

Publicly traded SaaS & Cloud companies have shown significant growth in the last 10 years. As an entity, these companies have performed better than the Nasdaq Index, S&P Index & Dow Jones Index as a whole as seen in The BVP Cloud Index.

Our thesis is that a deep understanding of digital marketing and digital trends is inextricably linked to shareholder value. Our BRICK Framework is a methodology used to quantify the marketing expertise and execution of 50 Cloud & SaaS companies in the market. And we think you’re going to love using it!

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