How We Helped A SaaS Company 8,000+ Early Access User Requests

SaaS/productivity tools

Content marketing strategy

2019 to present


An up-and-coming SaaS company looking to disrupt the collaborative work industry partnered with Foundation to develop a go-to-market strategy; at the time, the client was less than three weeks away from a soft launch. This short timeline called for a digital marketing playbook that could be executed upon immediately to help generate buzz and get on the radar of VCs, prior to the development of a full digital marketing strategy.


As mentioned, first we delivered a nearly 30-page “Launch Day” playbook, complete with recommendations on how to launch on Product Hunt, how to conduct outreach, how to engage on social, and how to best leverage various other online communities. 

We followed this up by developing a complete digital marketing strategy that included specific goals and recommendations for all digital channels, including the client’s new website. The intention was to set the company up for success in bringing in new leads and new customers in the immediate six to nine months following the launch, as well as driving long-term engagement. 

Research played a heavy role in our work as we sought to understand the behaviour of people who use more traditional tools and what they’d be looking for in a modern tool. We used insights directly gained from surveying over 1,000 people in the brand’s target audience, along with user testing the product and conducting independent secondary research. 


Since the strategy development, the client has been focused on fundraising and making iterations to the product itself, in advance of launch.

We can say, since the soft launch, the client has seen:

Increase in overall website traffic to 6,000 visitors in a single day

Increase in overall organic traffic

Increase in overall site ranking

Growth in social media followers

Featured article in FastCompany resulting in 8,000 new early access registrations the day it was published

Influx of 130+ early access user requests on launch day

Foundation helped us organize an effective launch plan with clear, actionable tactics and guidance on how best to reach our target audience. They also encouraged us to run a survey, which led to important insights into the types of use cases that are drawing users to our product.

- Client, CEO


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