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The Best Content Collaboration Tools For B2B Brands

Posted by Maggie Archibald 03 May, 2019 1 comment

Content collaboration is a great way to improve the quality of your content, drive relevant traffic, and use the expertise within your organization to create something of value. What is content collaboration? It’s when people contribute their ideas, knowledge and expertise toward the creation of a piece of content—and content collaboration tools make all of… Read more »

How B2B Marketers Can Avoid Distractions & Stay Productive

Posted by Ross Simmonds 17 February, 2019 11 comments

It’s satisfying to check off all the items on your to-do list. It feels like you’ve made your day count and can sleep at night knowing that you accomplished something. But what exactly made up your to-do list? Was it filled with email checking? Meetings that lead to more meetings? A lunch with someone who wanted to… Read more »

37 Mind Blowing YouTube Statistics For B2B Marketers In 2019

Posted by Foundation Team 29 January, 2019 2 comments

In this post, we’re going to review 37 YouTube statistics that will expose the importance of video as part of your 2019 B2B marketing strategy. If you’re already on YouTube, you will still want to check this out as we’ve packed it with valuable stats that you can use in your B2B video marketing. We’ve… Read more »

How To Make 2019 The Year Of Productivity (And Not The Year Of Busy)

Posted by Ross Simmonds 07 January, 2019 No comments

How are things? Busy. That’s the most frequent response when you ask an entrepreneur or professional how things are. While it’s often just a lazy answer and not one that truly discloses how things are, it’s a real representation of what people strive for. The idea of being busy has become a badge of honour rather… Read more »

Content Intelligence: What B2B Marketers Need To Know

Posted by Ross Simmonds 05 December, 2018 1 comment

NBA great Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games but intelligence and teamwork wins championships.” I’m not going to get into the importance of teamwork but I am going to share some insights around the power of content intelligence. What is content intelligence? The quick definition from goes like this: “Content intelligence is technology that… Read more »