HIRING: Content Marketing & SEO Specialist

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Do you dream in pixels, love creating content and hate the idea of a morning commute? Join the team at Foundation where we are 100% remote; everyone works from home, a coffee shop, wherever they feel most productive!

The Bricks You’ll Be Laying At Foundation

We run a lean content driven machine. We own and manage multiple brands. We develop content that goes on to be seen by millions. We collaborate with some of the brightest in the industry. We have clients from around the world. And we’re just getting started.

When we develop content for our partners and our own brands, there should be no question that it was well thought out, well promoted and worth creating. Our target audiences should share this content like a large bowl of edamame at a sushi restaurant and the posts should be SEO optimized for driving organic traffic. The quality should be better than a three-piece suit found on the streets of Italy. And the stories should spread so quickly that they cannot be contained.

You’ll be laying the foundation for an early stage startup while also laying the bricks for the brands we’ve created and serve. You will contribute by developing systems, optimizing web pages, creating content, managing relationships, managing email campaigns, leverage the latest SEO and digital marketing tools, work closely with brands and execution campaigns that are seen by thousands (sometimes millions).


  • Research various online channels for subjects and trending news stories
  • Analyze & optimize meta-descriptions, titles, landing pages for search terms and semantic search phrases that will drive engagement online
  • Generate creative ideas to develop as content and pitch to journalists/bloggers
  • Have a firm grasp on writing effective titles for both the press and search engine crawlers such as Google & Bing
  • Nurture and develop relationships with writers, reporters and web editors
  • Write effective web copy for the purposes of marketing websites and different landing pages across diverse verticals
  • Create engaging, entertaining & educational blog posts that will be published across a diverse range of verticals
  • Conduct outreach to bloggers and press outlets for the purpose of growing online visibility
  • Do whatever it takes to grow the online presence of our clients and brands

Required Skills

  • Tech savvy/interest in the internet, SEO, digital marketing, media & growth hacking
  • We’re a remote team. So it’s important that you’re well organized and can manage your own schedule.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with ability to form productive working relationships
  • Strong project management skills, with ability to juggle multiple projects while still working effectively
  • Ability to set priorities, meet deadlines, and work independently
  • Close attention to detail, i.e. near perfect grammar and strong editing skills
  • Proven ability to generate creative ideas that attract attention on the web
  • Copywriting or blogging experience is a plus

Suggested Skills

  • Basic SEO knowledge
  • Experience using Microsoft Office and/or the Google Doc tool suite
  • Working knowledge of WordPress/HTML/CSS, with an eye for good web design
  • Working knowledge of social media tools and how they can be used to help market client websites


Education reimbursement — Learning is very important in our culture! We offer a monthly stipend to encourage you to buy books, listen to webinars, and purchase materials that will help you grow professionally and personally.

Generous paid time off – including National Holidays (we want you to be happy and spend time with your family and friends rejuvenating)

100% remote — flexible work environment (We expect you to work hard, but give you the freedom to do it in your preferred setting)

Wellness & Fitness coverage — We cover all team members’ costs as it relates to gym or yoga memberships. You have to keep the mind right to keep the grind right.

Tech Budget – We will arm you with your own budget to buy the gadgets & tech you need to execute.

Medical & Dental Benefits


Send your Resume & LinkedIn account to: careers@foundationinc.co [not dot com]

Subject: Let’s make content


CLOSING DATE: December 10th

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