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Why should you use Foundation for website design and development?

When a customer researches solutions, your website plays a leading role—and not just the written content, the images, or the branding. It’s about how everything works together to create an experience for the customer. Can they find what they are looking for? Does it feel intuitive? Does it build credibility for your brand?

We combine design aesthetics with intuitive functionality to create an experience that responds to your customers’ needs.

What’s our approach?

Before we start, we identify how and why customers are accessing your website. What devices are they using? What are their accessibility needs? What content formats are they drawn to? We pair this information with website analytics to start shaping the ideal user experience.

At Foundation, we follow a five-step approach:


To help guide strategy and planning discussions, we review existing customer research and website analytics to determine how visitors are currently engaging on your website.


We host a workshop with your team to confirm the objectives of the website, define who the ideal visitor is, and identify what you want that visitor to do. 

Then we create the information architecture and wireframes to illustrate where content will live and how it will connect to other content. We take a mobile-first approach to wireframing and incorporate UX, SEO, accessibility and usability best practices. The wireframes are annotated with any technical requirements.


From there, we prepare a design brief that includes logos, brand colours and fonts, style and overall feel, and inspiration. Our designer (or yours) is briefed using this document and the approved set of wireframes. After you approve the design, we prepare to brief the development team.


We work with you to determine which CMS is the best fit for your needs. With approved wireframes and designs in hand, the developer starts bringing the website to life. At this point, the website includes templates for key pages and basic Google Analytics setup.

The development phase also includes quality assurance (QA) and function testing (FT) on various browsers and devices at key stages of the build to ensure that the website is functioning as designed. Any bugs that are identified during testing are logged and prioritized.


The launch date is not the end of the project—it’s the start! We work with your team to set up reporting to allow for continuous improvement over time. In some cases, this takes the form of an automated dashboard; in others, it’s long-format reporting.


Are you looking to create or redesign your website? Not sure where to start? Let us give you an honest assessment of the situation and whether it’s something we could help you with.
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