Senior Account Manager

Nova Scotia, Canada

Ontario, Canada


Amanda is a Senior Account Manager with Foundation. A Toronto native, she attended George Brown for her post-secondary education, where she focused on business and marketing. Since then, she has built her resume with experience in many different facets of the marketing industry, which has given her in-depth knowledge of best practices. As someone who loves building relationships and managing timelines and budgets, Amanda remains focused on perfecting her account management skills. 

Amanda is constantly striving to ensure partnerships grow into long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. She believes that going above and beyond for a client, no matter how big or small the task, can always and should always be done. Here’s a brief taste of Amanda’s personality:

What is usually playing in your headphones?

This is a loaded question.  On any given day I could be listening to anything as I don’t really have a favourite genre, and what I listen to is completely based on my moods. The main staples right now have to be J. Cole, Leon Bridges, Lee Moses, Jacob Banks, Otis Redding, and Joey Purp. I also love soundtracks, so those are often playing—Big Little Lies and Insecure both have great ones. The only genre I say no to is country, it’s not my jam. 

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A lawyer. Probably a boring thing for a child to want to be, but I’ve always loved having logical reasons as to why I should win the argument and proving my point—maybe a little bit too much as a child. I’m sure my parents didn’t like me refusing to ever take no as a final answer, but it worked out in my favour. Any documentary or movie/show that is based around court proceedings has my name written all over it. 

What are you happiest doing, when you are not working?

Cooking with a glass of red wine and good music playing. Dedicating time to executing a new and exciting recipe with fresh ingredients from a local market will always put me in the best mood. Good food generally plays a big role in my daily happiness. 

What is your hidden talent?

Not sure if it’s hidden, but I was a competitive dancer for 17 years. 

What is one of your favourite quotes?

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. — Henry Ford

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