B2B SaaS Content Creation Services

We work directly with you & your team to create everything from long-form content and white papers to thought leadership pieces and search-driven articles—all guided by in-depth research unique to your brand and competitive landscape.

Quality Content Works For You

Templated content may be fast, but it’s not unique. We collaborate with you to deeply understand your brand, your industry, and your audience so that we can develop engaging, unique, and on-brand content.

Although a well-developed blog helps increase your digital presence, it isn’t the only path forward. We can create white papers, teardowns, case studies, and other assets, depending on what your audience finds most valuable.

And, yep, that includes the copy and content on your landing pages too. From metadata to CTAs, we’ll ensure those landing pages pull their weight in the buyers’ journey.

Instead of tying up team members or managing a revolving cast of freelancers, let Foundation take the lead and create quality content that converts. ✍

What are our most popular content services?

Landing Page Copy Creation

Landing pages play a vital role in carrying the audience along the journey from prospect to customer. But they’re too often seen as an afterthought.

We know what it takes for a reader to engage with a call-to-action, get drawn into copy, and continue scrolling. We can help you increase exposure to your products and services by creating SEO-optimized landing pages. By writing more robust copy for existing landing pages and creating scalable systems (like Airbnb and Stripe do), we’ll help you increase site visits and leads.

Copywriting Services

There’s a difference between copywriting and content writing. Our team can write compelling copy that converts for your social posts, video descriptions, paid ads, and every other place where strong copy boosts performance.

We know what works—and what doesn’t—for every popular channel and the more niche platforms flying under the radar. We can help you develop essential messaging for use now and create a game plan to guide future growth.

Blog Writing Services

Building a quality blog to accompany your website takes time. Still, it’s vital to create an SEO moat, own SERPs for your target keywords, and offer a library full of educational resources for your audience.

Content is an investment; let Foundation serve as your banker and broker.

We can help you create a content library that engages your audience, helps with search performance, and builds your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

White Paper Services

In the B2B world, white papers are the gold standard of sales content.

To be effective, they need to provide value. The best white papers educate your prospects about the options available to them, help them feel more confident in their ability to make an informed decision, and make a case for your products or services as the solution.

Whether you’re looking for a 10-page or 100-page white paper, Foundation can do the heavy lifting to create an educational and effective asset for sales enablement.


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Our Results Speak for Themselves

Your content should always be working, even when you’re not. We can make your content work harder for you, so it attracts leads, engages audiences, ranks in search, and drives conversions long after it’s published.

But don’t just take our word for it: See how our awesome clients described their experience working with Foundation and the results we helped them achieve:

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