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Why should you use Foundation for content creation?

We don’t get excited about winning agency awards or going to galas. We get excited about writing content that ranks, generates press, results in new leads and helps close important deals.

Ahhh… we got excited just writing that.

You already have enough on your plate. You need to work with a company that understands the art and science of content creation. We collaborate with you to understand the ins and outs of your industry and develop content that your audience wants. We also have a deep knowledge of content marketing best practices—we know which rules to follow and which rules are worth bending.

What’s our approach?

It always starts with research. We don’t write content just for the sake of writing content. If you’re looking for someone to churn out words, then we’re not a good fit for you. We start by understanding your industry, your buyers, the phrases they type into Google, and the stories and writers they follow.

Once we’ve done all that, we make create content worth reading, watching or listening to.

At Foundation, we follow a three-step approach:


From keyword research to qualitative research within the communities your audience likes to browse, we start with data to guide our content creation process.


Upon approval of the direction, we develop a framework that acts as a blueprint for content development.


Finally, we turn these ideas into pixels and create content that drives results.

What’s the value of content creation?

Think about a billboard—yes, a good ol’ fashioned billboard. If you have a billboard ad on the highway, how long does it offer value to you? However long you’ve paid for that ad to be up. What about a Facebook ad? However long you’ve paid for it to show up in your audience’s news feed.

Right, so the value is directly associated with how long you’re willing to spend money for those ads. But content doesn’t work that way. Content continues to offer value for as long as a piece is ranking, generating traffic or being used by the sales team to convert.

That’s the value of creating content. Content can last forever.

What are our most popular content services?


There’s power in long-form content.

A thoughtful, well-researched course, guide, ebook, white paper or blog post can help you establish brand authority and turn leads into qualified prospects.

We don’t write long-form content for the sake of writing it. We work with you to ensure that our long-form content is valuable and worth a read. Our understanding of SEO helps blog posts rank and our understanding of CRO helps downloadable assets generate leads.


Blog posts are the backbone of most B2B content marketing engines. When you look at lists like the Cloud 100 or the fastest-growing B2B brands, you can bet that blogging has played a part in their growth.

From keyword identification to framework design and writing, our team is well equipped to deliver blog posts that convert and rank consistently.


B2B is known for ugly graphics and convoluted charts. We study design and embrace data visualization. You can trust us to create graphics that will make your brand look good and increase your chances of getting referenced by the media.

We’ve helped B2B brands with infographics, social graphics, charts and slide decks generate hundreds of thousands of views and downloads.


Your website needs to speak to your customer the same way this one did if you’re still following along. Think about it—if this copy was awful, you would’ve been long gone by now. But here you are, still reading, still scrolling, still considering (or stalking) us as a potential partner for your business.

This is a landing page. And its job is to have messaging that resonates with our audience (i.e., you) and moves them to convert. So you tell me:

How are we doing?


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