Case Studies

We work with ambitious B2B brands from around the world to achieve results that count.

How We Helped an Audience Intelligence Platform Reach 300%+ Increases in Social Engagement in Just 3 Months

An audience intelligence SaaS company engaged Foundation to leverage content creation, distribution, and repurposing to attract more leads and improve SEO in 2021 and beyond. They ultimately wanted to increase market visibility and be positioned as the leader in their industry.

How Foundation Helped a SaaS Company Increase Sign Ups by 128%

This up-and-coming SaaS company partnered with Foundation to identify their ideal users and develop a Go-to-Market (GTM)  strategy when they were less than three weeks away from a soft launch.

How Foundation Helped a SaaS Company Generate 1,000,000+ Net-New Impressions in Search Results in 12 Months

This SaaS company engaged Foundation to take over the heavy lifting of maintaining and growing the established SEO traction they had built, to allow their internal team to remain focused on building out an entirely new category of content

How We Helped An International University Recruitment Agency Grow Virtual Fair Attendees by 101% Using Paid Media

An international university recruitment agency that has helped thousands of students apply to programs abroad since 2002 ran into a very unique challenge in 2020 and had to adapt to a new acquisition strategy.

How We Helped A Mobile App Agency Grow Inbound Leads By 133% Using SEO & Content

A mobile app design and development consultancy often featured by Apple and highly rated by over a million users worldwide engaged Foundation to assist with their digital marketing strategy and social media plan.

How We Helped A CRM Company Generate 1,230,000 Total Visits Using Content

A CRM SaaS provider used by hundreds of thousands of sales executives hired Foundation in 2017 to collaborate on the development of content marketing assets.

How We Helped A Manufacturing Company Grow From 70,000 To 140,000 Organic Visits A Month

A multibillion-dollar manufacturing and technology company engaged Foundation to assist with the development of a digital marketing strategy for a varied audience.

How We Helped an Ecommerce Ad Agency Grow Sales by 143% with Content Distribution

An e-commerce agency was looking to leverage content distribution to scale their organic and word-of-mouth leads. The agency partnered with Foundation to develop and execute a distribution strategy that would guide them to more strategically and confidently distribute their content and scale referral leads.


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