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Why Are Most B2B Websites Designed So Poorly Even In 2019?

Posted by Ross Simmonds 14 January, 2019 No comments

Have you ever visited a B2B website and wondered whether you had somehow gone back in time to the days of VHS? Or maybe you run a B2B brand and can’t for the life of you figure out why you inherited a website that is so poorly designed and structured for SEO. You’re not alone…. Read more »

How To Make 2019 The Year Of Productivity (And Not The Year Of Busy)

Posted by Ross Simmonds 07 January, 2019 No comments

How are things? Busy. That’s the most frequent response when you ask an entrepreneur or professional how things are. While it’s often just a lazy answer and not one that truly discloses how things are, it’s a real representation of what people strive for. The idea of being busy has become a badge of honour rather… Read more »

How To Find Your Target Audience In 3 Simple Steps (For Brands In 2019)

Posted by Josh Gallant 02 January, 2019 7 comments

In this post you’re to learn how to find your target audience in 3 steps. When it comes to B2B & B2C marketing, understanding who you’re talking to is key to getting the results you’re looking for. The truth of the matter is this: If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. A… Read more »

48 Eye-Opening LinkedIn Statistics For B2B Marketers In 2019

Posted by Josh Gallant 01 January, 2019 10 comments

In this post we’re going to share 48 LinkedIn stats you can use to guide your 2019 marketing strategy and help you decide which tactics are worth investing in this year. [Updated for January 2019 – New stats added] We’ve broken down the stats into four different sections: LinkedIn User Stats LinkedIn Content Marketing Stats… Read more »

Why We Share Content Online: The Psychology Of Sharing Links & Content [Bonus Downloadable PDF]

Posted by Foundation Team 19 December, 2018 No comments

What’s common between Harry Potter, Top Gun, and Momondo’s the DNA journey advertisement? A couple of things: For starters, the book, the movie and the ad were all very successful in pulling our heartstrings. Secondly, irrespective of the channel and format, they all told a good story— stories that melt our heart and made us… Read more »