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What Is B2B Ecommerce? How Is It Changing? And Why Does It Matter?

Posted by Ross Simmonds 22 April, 2019 No comments

Global B2B ecommerce sales are showing no signs of slowing down. And here are the stats to prove it: B2B ecommerce volume in the United States more than doubled from 2006 to 2016 and amounted to $5.79 trillion in sales. In 2017, the gross merchandise volume of B2B ecommerce transactions was projected to reach $7.66… Read more »

Your Editorial Calendar Is NOT Your Content Marketing Strategy – Here’s What You Need

Posted by Taru Bhargava 16 April, 2019 No comments

The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure that can be seen from outer space. Humans and dinosaurs coexisted. MSG causes headaches. I bet you’ve heard these statements at some point. Maybe you even believe them. But here’s the thing: Even though they may sound right (because we have heard them over and… Read more »

What Is B2B Sales? (Plus 5 Ways To Sell More In 2019)

Posted by Josh Gallant 29 March, 2019 No comments

For some people, B2B sales offers the thrill a pro athlete feels right before a big game. For others, B2B sales is the equivalent of going to the dentist the day after Halloween. No matter which camp you’re in, one thing remains true: If there’s a way to sell more in B2B, you want to… Read more »

19 Instagram Post Ideas For B2B Brands In 2019

Posted by Ross Simmonds 19 March, 2019 1 comment

Instagram has a billion monthly active users. That’s massive. But what’s more impressive is that the platform is increasing by 5 percent per quarter. How does that growth rate compare to other popular platforms like Snapchat and Facebook? Snapchat grew by 2.13 percent and Facebook by 3.14 percent in the same period. Unfortunately, despite the… Read more »

We Analyzed 60,000+ Reddit Posts From the Top 150 Subreddits (New Research)

Posted by Ross Simmonds 19 March, 2019 3 comments

Reddit has morphed from an obscure hangout to one of the most influential sites in the world. It’s had its share of controversy, and many marketers are afraid to even think about using Reddit for marketing—some are afraid of being banned, others are afraid of being associated with the site at all. It also has… Read more »