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We Analyzed 60,000+ Reddit Posts From the Top 150 Subreddits (New Research)

Posted by Ross Simmonds 19 March, 2019 3 comments

Reddit has morphed from an obscure hangout to one of the most influential sites in the world. It’s had its share of controversy, and many marketers are afraid to even think about using Reddit for marketing—some are afraid of being banned, others are afraid of being associated with the site at all. But if you’re… Read more »

How To Find & Hire A Content Creator In 6 Steps (2019)

Posted by Josh Gallant 16 March, 2019 1 comment

In this post you’re going to learn how to find & hire the BEST content creators in 2019. The best part? We’re going to break it down into 6 easy-to-follow steps: Determine The Type Of Content You Need Determine Your Budget Create Your Job Postings Go Where These Creators Spend Their Time Share Your Job… Read more »

The Most Common SaaS Marketing Mistakes: 13 Key Insights From 30 Experts

Posted by Taru Bhargava 15 March, 2019 No comments

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a mistake during a marketing campaign. If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably committed more marketing faux pas than you want to admit. Mistakes are common in the marketing world; after all, none of us started out as experts, and even experts make mistakes now and again…. Read more »

How To Use Instagram For B2B Marketing In 2019

Posted by Maggie Archibald 11 March, 2019 4 comments

Instagram can be a strong visual marketing channel for your brand and an opportunity to build a following that helps grow your B2B business.   In fact, more than 25 million companies across the world are taking advantage of Instagram for Business. Don’t know what Instagram is? Now is the time to learn. Instagram is… Read more »

What Is B2B Marketing? (And What Works In 2019)

Posted by Taru Bhargava 25 February, 2019 6 comments

B2B marketing isn’t new, but the challenges marketers are facing today are making it more and more difficult to get results. Why is it getting more difficult? Before we dive in—let’s answer question #1: What is B2B marketing? B2B marketing is the act of businesses promoting their products or services to other businesses—including common strategies… Read more »