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Why should you use Foundation for content distribution?

Marketing teams at B2B brands spend hours creating content, but many don’t see those hours turning into results. That’s because far too many fail at distributing content in a way that nets traffic or leads.

Content distribution is a tactical process that can seem overwhelming. If done right, content distribution has the potential to ensure that every blog post, infographic and asset you develop reaches the right audience.

That’s where we come in.

From 1-1 outreach to other bloggers, journalists and industry sites to distribution in niche communities and social channels, we take on the task of spreading your content far and wide. We combine our existing relationships with the untapped opportunities sitting right in front of you to ensure that every content asset associated with your brand has a chance to thrive.

What’s our approach?

It all starts with knowing where your audience is. Some of them are on your email list, some are subscribed to your YouTube channel and some are simply scrolling through Quora looking for answers. Wherever they are, we uncover ways for you to reach them. We then share your content in a way that offers value to your audience and benefits your brand.

At Foundation, we follow a three-step distribution process:


From community research to keyword research to internal conversations, we start with data to guide our content distribution process.


Once we know which channels your audience is spending time on, we create a playbook for distributing your content.


Finally, we create accounts on your behalf (or get access to existing ones) and begin distributing your content and you reap the benefits.

What’s the value of content distribution?

As you read these words, thousands of pieces of content are being written and published. The act of creating content has become commoditized. That means there’s more noise than ever before, and potential customers are likely overwhelmed by the nonstop flow of content.

That’s why distribution matters.

It’s the best way to increase your chances of standing out amidst the noise. Content distribution allows you to reach your audience on the channels they’re browsing and the sites they’re visiting. It helps ensure that your content is driving results for months and years to come instead of collecting dust.

What are the three primary distribution channels?


You don’t want your brand associated with spammy and irrelevant sites. You also don’t want to be embarrassed by an unprofessional outreach campaign. You can trust us to ensure every outreach email is tailored, strategic and smart. We use our existing network while also identifying new opportunities to generate coverage, land guest blog posts, get featured, have content syndicated and lock in brand/founder interviews.

This is earned / organic distribution. It takes work. But when it happens, the ROI can be a lasting relationship that drives lasting results.


Sometimes you just have to pay to play. It’s a part of the game. You don’t want to waste your money on irrelevant keywords and you definitely don’t want to feel like your cash is burning faster than a wooden sculpture at Burning Man. So let’s work together to make sure you know where your media spend should be allocated and what kind of paid content will drive results.

And once the plan is in place, we’ll help you manage it all from start to finish. From the initial campaign setup to the ongoing optimization and reporting—we’ve got you covered.


You can only own a few key channels. These are channels where you’re not competing with other brands for mindshare, ad space or rankings. Owned distribution channels are places where you have direct access to your audience and can reach them with little worry. The two most effective owned distribution channels are your website & email list. 

We’ve helped B2B brands rewrite & redesign their websites to tell stories that drive results and create marketing strategies that have helped them grow their mailing list 10x.


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