How We Helped A CRM Company Generate 1,230,000 Total Visits Using Content


Content marketing strategy & execution

2017 to present


A CRM SaaS provider used by hundreds of thousands of sales executives hired Foundation in 2017 to collaborate on the development of content marketing assets. While the content has continued to grow and evolve, the original goal has remained the same: to drive more traffic and increase search rankings for highly competitive keywords.


Fighting for keywords with a budget only for paid media in a highly competitive keyword space is not a viable long-term strategy. As you might expect, the CRM space is a very competitive niche with plenty of players who have massive marketing budgets and large teams. To help our client compete, we utilized the buying journey of sales executives and entrepreneurs who are interested in a CRM solution to conduct keyword mapping. We paired this with an analysis of existing site content to determine what assets could be developed in the future to help build a stronger internal linking strategy for the site. 

We realized early that the assets being developed for their site could achieve more than just search traffic. Thus, our strategy evolved and we’ve been developing assets that generate backlinks, stir up more buzz on social, and help the sales team nurture relationships. Foundation has collaborated with this client to create everything from on-site posts generating thousands of leads to guest posts for top media and industry sites. 

Today, Foundation continues to optimize the original strategy and offers at least eight blog posts per month, long-form content assets, and ongoing consulting.


Since the start, the client has seen:

From 92,000 to 322,000 organic visits per month

More than 1,230,000 total visits from Foundation created content

More than 4,500 links from DA40+ sites

More than 180% yearly increase in contacts (MQLs)

Working with Foundation has been great. One of the biggest issues when working with agencies is that they deliver great work at the beginning of the relationship, but then it just goes down over time. Not so with Foundation—they deliver consistent high quality content every single time.

- Client, CEO


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