How Foundation Helped a SaaS Company Generate 1,000,000+ Net-New Impressions in Search Results in 12 Months

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To allow our partner’s internal team to remain focused on building out an entirely new category of content by taking over the heavy lifting of maintaining and growing the established SEO traction they had built.


Our primary objective was to increase organic search user acquisition through content creation and optimization. We did this by building a content hub around search-focused content on our partner’s offerings and adjacent content topics that were most likely to attract ICPs.


From a 10,000 foot view, here’s what we did to best organize content, prioritize content, and promote content to expand their footprint in the search world:


  1. Build a content hub, with pillar pages and articles that cover content on their offerings and adjacent content topics.
  2. Optimize content that already exists, covering topics within each hub to align the page with the proper target keywords and maximize internal linking.
  3. Begin ongoing link-building outreach to create domain authority separation between them and their competitors.


During our partnership, Foundation created 63 search-driven articles total for the partner, which resulted in the following:

10,000 total organic visits in the 1st year

1,000+ clicks from search/mo during the final 5 months

1,000,000+ total impressions in search results

1,800+ total unique links (close to 40 per article)

27,000 total sessions from all sources

"We worked with the Foundation team for a year and were very impressed with their spark and energy. Foundation’s crew proved to be strategic problem-solvers that brought comprehensive SEO content planning, execution, and optimization to our organization. They studied our brand guidelines and were writing seamlessly in our voice and tone in no time, and tripled our content production. Foundation’s staff were super knowledgeable and a treat to collaborate with, showing fantastic flexibility. Have a piece of content that could be performing better? Foundation has a plan. New trends emerged that affect your objectives? Foundation's ready to pivot. Want to do a deep dive on your performance metrics? Foundation was on it. A heartfelt thanks to Foundation for being total professionals and genuine human beings."

- Client, VP Marketing


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