How Foundation Helped a SaaS Company Increase Sign Ups by 128%


GTM Media Strategy

November 2021 – January 2022


As the first of its kind, this up-and-coming SaaS company was looking to disrupt an age-old internet problem that many network providers had ignored for years. They had the technology and the expertise—but they lacked awareness from their ideal users. They partnered with Foundation to develop a Go-to-Market (GTM)  strategy when they were less than three weeks away from a soft launch.

This short timeline called for a strong strategic marketing partner that could identify opportunities and execute an effective omni-channel strategy to drive as many organic sign-ups as possible on launch day.


Our first step was diving deep into audience research. We used insights directly gained from surveying over 1,000 people in the brand’s target audience, along with user testing the product and conducting independent secondary research.

We combined our research and delivered a robust launch playbook, complete with recommendations on how to launch on Product Hunt, conduct outreach with influencers, engage on social media, and best leverage various other online communities. 

We followed this up by developing a complete digital marketing strategy that included specific goals and recommendations across relevant digital channels. The intention was to set the company up for success by bringing in new leads and new customers for six to nine months following the launch, based on the launch momentum and the 30-, 60-, and 90-day marketing approach post-launch.


Our client was named the #1 product of the day on Product Hunt, which had a rippling impact across other channels. This correlated with a major boost of listeners on the Twitter Spaces Expert Panel event, which had over 1,000 peak concurrent listeners with a 3.8M combined following.

Through a mix of both organic and paid media efforts, we helped this brand experience its highest number of single-day console sign-ups (400) and 5x their average website traffic.

Record-setting week for website traffic with 2,500+ coming from social referral sources (Twitter, LinkedIn, HackerNews, Reddit, ProductHunt, etc.)

Twitter Spaces event had over 1k peak concurrent listeners with a 3.8MM combined following of all participants

231.4K impressions over a 3-day period (2.5x the month prior)

8.7K Profile visits, 434 Mentions, 90 Net New followers

CTO positioned as a thought leader in established Reddit communities through an AMA event garnering over 50+ comments and questions.

CTO earned 250 karma points during an 8-hour period.

Named #1 product of the day on Product Hunt and featured in their newsletter of 43,000 subscribers who are primarily founders, entrepreneurs, and VCs.

550+ upvotes from Hunters

Partnered with a major influencer to share a video and UTM link leading back to the client, which drove 4,482 engagements

62% more leads in first 18 days of Nov than the entire month of October

1750 marketing-driven leads QTD

30 enterprise-level SQLs prepped by sales for POC

Website average session duration: +43.67% QTD

Launch day site visitors: 7886 pageviews by 5093 users (5x average!)

400 console sign-ups

+38% (8,830) of new article reads from paid and organic social

#3 on the SERP for highly relevant search term (packet acceleration)

“Foundation literally became a part of our marketing team for our GTM launch. Not only were they as excited- if not more- than we were for our launch, but they also stepped in to fill any missing roles and skillsets we needed in order to execute our campaign. Many agencies will claim that they become one with their client teams; many will claim that they care and are equal believers in your product and company. Foundation is true to those statements, and in a time as critical as our GTM launch, I was particularly grateful to have them.

- Client, VP of Marketing


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