How We Helped A Manufacturing Company Grow From 70,000 To 140,000 Organic Visits A Month

Manufacturing & technology

Content marketing strategy & social media training

2017 to present


A multibillion-dollar manufacturing and technology company engaged Foundation to assist with the development of a digital marketing strategy for a varied audience, ranging from their target customers (C-suite executives) and stakeholders to government organizations, potential recruits and young students. Such a diverse audience required multiple levels of strategic thinking.


During our research process, we focused on commonalities among our audience segments and what would inspire them to start a relationship with the brand. This resulted in our digital marketing efforts heavily relying on an industry association that all audiences supported—in this case, the great work the company is doing in the world of STEM—and helping the brand position itself as a leader in the technology industry as a whole. 

In conjunction with the digital marketing strategy, we developed content assets to capture the attention of target customers (C-suite executives) as well as assets to help grow the brand’s social presence. Foundation also helped establish a “content culture” internally by providing marketing and content development training and collaborating on the development of new creative assets. We worked closely with the client to ensure their team has the tools and knowledge to thrive when developing content for their brand.


During our engagement the cliented noted:

Growth from 70,000 visits to 140,000 organic visits a month

Increase in press mentions surrounding key campaign initiatives

A cultural shift embracing the value of content for sales, marketing, recruitment & more

Foundation has been helpful in arming our team with the strategic thinking necessary to navigate communication in the digital age. Whether it’s through the education of our teams on content marketing or AI in comms to the development of content assets — Foundation has helped our 100+ year old company unlock its modern marketing potential through content. We couldn’t have done what we did without their help.

- Client, Director of Marketing


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