How We Helped an Audience Intelligence Platform Reach 300%+ Increases in Social Engagement in Just 3 Months


Content Creation, Content Distribution & Repurposing

Nov 2021 – Jan 2022


An audience intelligence SaaS company was looking to leverage content creation, distribution, and repurposing to attract more leads and improve SEO in 2021 and beyond. They ultimately wanted to increase market visibility and be positioned as the leader in their industry.


The company had a lot of existing content on their website and without a focused, strategic approach, they were unable to efficiently reach their qualified target audience. The agency partnered with Foundation to develop and execute a content creation and distribution strategy that would guide them to more strategically and confidently distribute their content and increase their visibility.


Like any effective strategy, research plays a critical role. We audited the agency’s existing blog structure, content, and distribution efforts and conducted an in-depth competitor and industry analysis to understand the behavior of their qualified target audience, their competitors, and the overall trends within the e-commerce space. These insights formed the foundation for a content strategy roadmap.


The goals, objectives, data, and insights that we uncovered led to us being able to prioritize tactics and recommendations. Those recommendations formed the basis for the development of strategic content creation, distribution efforts, and repurposing efforts across priority channels, with the goal of increasing visibility and driving traffic to the website.


In the first three months of this execution, implementing a unique and relevant approach to content formulated in the strategy roadmap along with an increase in distribution efforts was key to the client seeing a significant increase in web traffic, social engagement, and conversions. Check out the mind-blowing results below.

MoM Site Traffic Increased By 14% Leading to the Completion of $4,600 Worth of Conversions

Twitter is the Best Performing Social Media Channel, Capturing 280+ Unique Impressions

We Attracted 1,103 New Users to the Website Using Social Channels

We Found LinkedIn & Quora Visitors Looked at 8+ Pages on Their Visit to the Site

⬆368% (+302) increase in likes | 384 total likes

⬆417% (+75) increase in retweets | 93 total retweets

⬆547% (+93) increase in comments | 110 total replies

⬆847% (+254) increase in link clicks | 284 total link clicks

⬆14.2% (+8) increase in reactions | 64 total reactions

⬆1375% (+50) increase in comments | 59 total comments

⬆366.6% (+11) increase in shares | 14 total shares

⬆53.3% (+64) increase in link clicks | 120 total clicks


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