How We Helped An International University Recruitment Agency Grow Virtual Fair Attendees by 101% Using Paid Media

International Post-Grad Education

Paid Media Lead Generation

2020 – Present


An international university recruitment agency that has helped thousands of students apply to programs abroad since 2002 ran into a very unique challenge in 2020 and had to adapt to a new acquisition strategy. Due to Covid-19, their strategy of visiting universities across the country to host fairs and sessions was no longer possible. This led them to pursue paid media efforts to reach their target audience and recruit attendees for virtual fairs.


We began our plan of action by closely analyzing all previous data from their initial paid media efforts. Upon identifying winning creatives, audiences, and placements,  we used these as a starting point. We also identified the key points of optimization to address first that would move the needle immediately. From there, this allowed us to forecast baseline metrics and create our strategy. We put the main focus on optimizing for the objective we wanted and feeding the platform congruent messaging, creatives, and landing pages. We ensured our prospecting targeting was data-backed and our retargeting efforts were specific. Having a full top-to-bottom acquisition strategy provided a smooth experience for the prospect.

Foundation has continued to optimize and execute this strategy for this client with ongoing success. This year, 2021, we will continue to be data-driven and scale our campaigns to bring in more leads and applications.


Since partnering with Foundation, the client has seen:

A 101% increase in virtual fair attendees vs. previous virtual fair

A 233% increase in funnel traffic

5x more engagement in the Q&A session

Began tracking lead events connected directly with paid ads

Optimization for high-value events

Evergreen campaigns that are consistently capturing new applications


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