Why is Foundation such a great place to work?

Keep reading to learn how we work.

How We Think About Work


We’re not just talking about traffic and revenue (even though those definitely matter). We’re talking about growing as a professional and as a human. There’s a reason we give everyone an unlimited book budget. We want you to be the best version of yourself and believe that reading is the equivalent of getting a software upgrade.
  • You study your craft after hours
  • You strive to always be moving forward
  • You learn constantly and love it
  • You seek to better understand multiple topics and industries
  • You enjoy talking with people from different disciplines


We admire teams that do great things, build great products, create great cultures, and accomplish their goals. Whether it’s a professional sports team striving to win a championship or a community group helping an important cause, we learn from the teams that have come before us.
  • You get inspired rather than jealous of the success of others
  • You are humble enough to know when you need help
  • You are confident enough to know when to take the shot
  • You are relentless and hungry


The world needs better communication, and there’s no better place to start than within the workplace. It’s a common joke that communications companies suck at communication, but not us. We take communication seriously.
  • You care intensely about your team members and your clients
  • You enjoy writing and do it well
  • You understand the importance of adjusting your style for certain audiences
  • You provide helpful, candid, timely, and valuable feedback to colleagues


That’s how we describe the work environment at Foundation. Spread out around the globe, our trusted team works wherever they want to lay their Mac down. We rely on video calls, communication tools, and good ol’ fashioned trust to get things done on a daily basis. We take accountability for our deadlines while also taking ownership of our own schedules. Our foundation is built on trusting that our team will do what’s right for the company and our clients.
  • You don’t need someone looking over your shoulder
  • You place significant value on your own time
  • You thrive when you have autonomy
  • You embrace challenges and ambiguity
  • You would never say, “But that’s not my job!”


We believe that some of the best ideas are now buried because of the biases of hiring managers, teachers, and investors. That’s why we create a culture that is inclusive, open, and safe for all backgrounds. We see the value and importance of inclusion and use it as a competitive edge.
  • You recognize that we all have biases
  • You value the opportunity to work with people of diverse backgrounds
  • You embrace the idea of learning from people with different perspectives
  • You can collaborate effectively with diverse groups


We celebrate our wins. We celebrate new hires. We celebrate our partners’ successes. We celebrate new clients. We celebrate often. But we always stay humble and realize that once the celebration is over, it’s important to get back to work.
  • You get excited about the idea of succeeding in your work
  • You want to be a top performer and know that you’re performing at a high level
  • You strive to make your colleagues better
  • You enjoy serving others
  • You admit your mistakes


GIFs, memes, videos, and posts—we all know that content has played a serious role in shaping the culture around us. At Foundation, we believe that content can shape culture for the good, and we get excited knowing how a single piece of content can change the life of an individual forever.
  • You study why content works as much as you consume it
  • You think about the internet often
  • You dream in pixels and think in digits
  • You thrive in a culture of change and speed

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