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7 Go-To Content Marketing Resources (For B2B Marketers)

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7 Go-To Content Marketing Resources (For B2B Marketers)

Quality content is critical for driving sales and audience engagement—it helps build trust, credibility, and brand presence. And it can influence the entire sales funnel!

But if you’re here reading this blog, you probably already know that, which is why you’re searching for content marketing resources.

That search, though, is not without its challenges. You’ve probably come across an overwhelming amount of online resources, and you’re unsure where to start and who to trust.

Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

We compiled a short (but ultra sweet) list of the creme de la creme of B2B marketing resources. We cut through the noise and cherry-picked a variety of resources that we believe can be game-changers for your content marketing efforts.

As we are strong believers in the “less is more” philosophy, we present to you the 7 go-to content marketing resources for B2B marketers:


Our Bookmark-Worthy Content Marketing Resources

  1. Ahrefs Blog & YouTube Resources
  2. Backlinko SEO Resources
  3. Unbounce Landing Page & Conversion Resources
  4. Marketing Examples—General Recommendations
  5. Copy Hackers—Copywriting Recommendations
  6. Foundation Lab & Newsletter
  7. BuzzSumo—Content Marketing Blog and App

Now that you see the list, let’s dive in and break down each of the resources above.


1. Ahrefs Blog & YouTube

Ahrefs (pronounced “h-refs”) describes itself as a data-driven marketing toolset, but it’s also a one-stop-shop for SEO-related resources. This includes various tools, learning materials, a training academy, blogs, videos, and more. Ahrefs has free resources as well as exclusive materials and tools available only through their subscription-based membership.

Though Ahrefs offers a plethora of resources, we’re going to focus on the Ahrefs blog and YouTube account today. However, we encourage you to explore the entirety of the Ahrefs website to discover even more valuable resources. Let’s kick it off with Ahrefs’ 9 Easy Link Building Strategies (That Anyone Can Use).


Ahrefs has done an excellent job in compiling comprehensive link-building tactics that work. These tactics are not one-click be-all and end-all solutions—they require time for execution and testing—but they’ll pay off in the long run, driving traffic and increasing revenue.

Why not check out the SEO checklist while you’re at it?

Another piece from their blog that we love is A 16-Step SEO Audit Process To Boost Your Google Rankings.


This is a technical (but still easily understood) SEO audit breakdown. For most small- to medium-sized websites, this audit should only take a few hours, as opposed to days or weeks. Ahrefs was also kind enough to provide a simpler process, which you can check out here. To further assist with your SEO audit and for ongoing future use, check out 26 Best Free Chrome Extensions for SEOs (Tried & Tested).



From on-page SEO and keyword research to technical SEO and link building, you’ll be sure to find tons of value with Afrefs’ other free SEO tools and videos, too.


2. Backlinko

Looking for effective SEO training and link-building strategies? Look no further than Backlinko, one of the most popular online marketing blogs. Trusted by giants like Disney, Forbes, Amazon, and IBM, Backlinko is a hotspot for SEO training and (proven) practical strategies.



The Definite Guide To SEO In 2021 is a great piece covering the latest SEO trends and proven strategies for beginners and those looking to further improve their SEO skills. You’ll learn about mastering search intent, core web vitals, the rise of visual search, and so much more.

Backlinko also does a fantastic job of sharing advanced tips and techniques for promoting content in their blog post, Content Marketing in 2021: The Definite Guide. You can learn all about repurposing content, which lets you scale up without having to “reinvent the wheel” every time, and even find citable research-based content about how to get more links, traffic, and engagement.

Did you know that 72% of consumers prefer videos over text? Well, there are many more interesting stats and pro tips from this bookmark-worthy guide to video content


3. Unbounce Landing Page & Conversion Resources

On the hunt for a cost-effective option for increasing your marketing campaign conversion rates? Looking for a user-friendly, modern landing page builder that allows you to create smokin’, head-turning landing pages? Then you’ll want to check out Unbounce—the number one landing page platform for more than 15,000 brands.



Unbounce is an efficient do-it-yourself (DIY) drag-and-drop landing page builder, and you can explore all their capabilities with a free trial before opting in for a subscription. You can also check out their “most comprehensive (free) landing page analysis tool ever” for a free personalized landing page report.

The landing page analyzer—a combination of machine learning insights, Google best practices, and research—will detail how well your landing page performs and include recommendations to help you increase overall conversions. You can also analyze the effectiveness of your eCommerce page copy with Unbounce’s Copy Analyzer.

From building buyer personas to principles of conversion, Unbounce has copious amounts of free Conversion and Customer Resources available.

4. Marketing Examples

Marketing Examples is a grab bag of marketing resources. If you’re looking for a wide variety of eye-opening success stories, strategies, and tips and tricks in the marketing world, this is the place to go.



Here are some of our favourite reads:

  1. How I promote my content
  2. 17 tips for great copywriting
  3. 6 keys to sharing content on Twitter
  4. How step by step keyword research led to an SEO goldmine
  5. Growth loops


5. Copyhackers

As marketers, we know that good copywriting is essential for connecting with a brand’s target audiences. Copy acts like the “glue” in a business’s content marketing.

“Content without good copywriting is wasted content, and copy without good content is wasted copy,” said Antonio Thornton, Profit Engineer at Money Mouth Marketing.

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we are listing a copywriting resource in this list: Copyhackers.

Copyhackers is a powerhouse for free and paid copywriting training, writing resources, and blogs, especially for marketing professionals.

Whether you’re writing a landing page or you’re a SaaS company trying to figure out if shorter copy is better, Copyhackers seems to cover every area of copywriting in their blog posts. They even have various downloadable resources, such as The All-in-One Content Marketing Playbook for Startups and their Ultimate Collection of Headline and CTA Formulas.


6. Foundation Lab

Since content marketing is our bread and butter, we hope you won’t mind us adding our very own Foundation Lab to the list.


Foundation Lab


For example, we recently wrote about a blog sharing 8 Proven Lead Magnet Ideas for B2B Brands in 2021 and frequently publish other helpful B2B content marketing information and resources (strategy, creation, distribution, and more). If you’re ever wondering about B2B marketing strategies in 2021, need-to-know YouTube statistics, and/or tips for driving growth in 2021, Foundation’s got you. And that’s just scratching the surface.

We also create in-depth tear-downs of industry-leading brands, breaking down the tactics they use to stay at the top of their game so you can apply those lessons yourself. (Check out this one about how Canva built a backlink empire and this one about how Airbnb managed to maintain organic traffic during the pandemic.)

If you like the sound of these resources, be sure to sign up for the Foundation newsletter to receive exclusive insights, research, strategies, and tactics delivered directly to your inbox.


7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a cloud-based app used to uncover content opportunities across social platforms and search. It has four main strengths: content discovery, content research, media monitoring, and influencer research. Though it’s a paid service, you can sign up for a 30-day trial (no credit card needed) and take advantage of its full capabilities—the app’s core features are available even in the trial. If you need to “do a full-blown” backlink and competitor analysis, check it out.

But BuzzSumo also consistently publishes blogs covering content marketing topics like content creation, content trends, SEO tips, and more. Want to branch off and read about video and influencer marketing, or maybe digital PR? They’ve got content about that too.



Our recommendations:

  1. How To Stay Top-of-Mind For Your Audience With Content Curation
  2. How To Use Content Marketing To Increase Customer Success
  3. 6 Tips On How To Use Customer Question Research To Improve Content
  4. 16 Content Creation Tools We’re All Loving Right Now


Wrapping Up

We know that looking for resources online can be daunting; There’s just so much information out there, and it can take more time than we have to go through it. So, we’ve done the digging for you in this list of go-to content marketing resources for B2B marketers.

Of course, you’ll still have to go through these resources. But now you have a list of credible sources laid out for you, which should save you time in the long run.


Here’s a recap list so you can check them out right away:

  1. Ahrefs Blog & YouTube Resources
  2. Backlinko SEO Resources
  3. Unbounce Landing Page & Conversion Resources
  4. Marketing Examples – General Recommendations
  5. Copy Hackers – Copywriting Recommendations
  6. Foundation Lab & Newsletter
  7. BuzzSumo – Content Marketing Blog and App


Which of these resources do you think are most useful? Are there other resources that you think should have made the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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