Do you know enough to draft a persona today?

Think about one of your target audiences and use our questionnaire to get your relevant persona content written. You might be surprised how easy (or how hard) it is to answer these questions. When you are done, we will send you a  copy of your hard work and a few tips to take it to the next level.

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Describe a day in the life of this person. Think about where they work, what role they play at the company, what their core responsibilities are, and what level of experience they have. *
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What is your customer’s perspective on your solution? Think about how aware they are overall. *
What frustrates your customers most? Think about what might slow down the sales process and make them second-guess the decision to buy. *
Where does your customer look for help? Think about where they can research your solutions and other options. *
What or who influences your customer the most? Think about who else they might talk to about this decision, who they need approval from or whether they consult online reviews. *