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21 Winning Facebook Ad Ideas For B2B SaaS Businesses

Posted by Taru Bhargava 02 August, 2019 No comments

There are tons of ways in which B2B SaaS marketers can use Facebook ads.  But coming up with fresh & bright ideas, can get taxing at sometimes. Those are the days, when you want to take inspiration from brands in your niche and see what’s working from them.  So here we are, sharing with you’ll… Read more »

31 Jaw-Dropping Reddit Statistics For Marketers in 2019

Posted by Maggie Archibald 15 July, 2019 No comments

Are you looking to grow your marketing outside the traditional social media platforms?  Have you thought of using Reddit? Reddit is a social sharing website, built around users submitting text, images, and videos, which others can vote on. Popular content rises to the top, while content that is downvoted (e.g. less popular) becomes less noticeable. … Read more »

15 Quora Statistics Marketers Need to Know For 2019

Posted by Maggie Archibald 03 July, 2019 No comments

Marketers looking to grow their brand’s presence have no shortage of platforms to take advantage of—the hard part is deciding which platforms present the best opportunities for your particular brand.  Regardless of your industry, one of the best platforms for growing your audience is Quora. Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can answer each… Read more »

We Reviewed 100 B2B SaaS Brands’ Facebook Advertising Efforts—Here’s What We Found

Posted by Taru Bhargava 17 June, 2019 No comments

If you are a B2B SaaS marketer, you know that Facebook advertising is for you. With over 91% of B2B marketers preferring Facebook ads over LinkedIn, there’s no debating its popularity.   Image Source: Statista And of course, there are tons of ways to make Facebook advertising work. But here’s the thing: Facebook advertising comes… Read more »

6 Things Every B2B Marketer Needs To Know About Content Marketing

Posted by Ross Simmonds 12 June, 2019 No comments

There are 3 important moments in every B2B marketer’s career: The moment they find their dream job The moment they sign on with a dream client The moment they read this blog post You think I’m joking. I am—kind of. If you’re a B2B marketer and you don’t know what you need to know about… Read more »