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ChatGPT For Email Marketing: 35 Prompts & Strategies

Free Content

You can use ChatGPT to create BETTER emails.

I’ve seen brands earn 30k in 30 minutes using an email written by ChatGPT.

No joke.

It’s a wild time to be alive.

In a recent study, Foundation found that out of all the professions to be impacted by AI – email marketers are assumed by marketers to be the 2nd most likely profession to be at at risk.

Here’s the results from the study:

Fascinating right?

Look. I know you saw the title of this. So…

If you’re an email marketer reading this… 

Don’t get mad at me. 

I want the best for you the same way I want the best for anyone in this industry. 

But I’m convinced that just like AI will change content marketing… 

AI has the ability to change email marketing. 

And today… I’m going to share some prompts that I believe the smartest marketers in the world can take, modify and use to get more out of their email marketing efforts today. 

ATTENTION: I’ve compiled a list of 30+ additional Email Marketing Prompts that you can save as a Google Sheet and add to your own swipe file. You can download a Google Sheet here.

But that’s not all. I have in store for you…

I’m going to break down five of these prompts sentence by sentence so you can understand the strategy that goes into them and the rationale. This is a bit of a preview of what I offer in the AI Marketing Console which is a complete AI Marketing System that showcases how AI can be used in landing pages, ecommerce, blog writing, strategy and more. 

Want to learn more? Check out the video at the link above for a walkthrough of what’s inside. 

Email Marketing Prompts: The Strategy

Here’s some of the best prompt strategies and prompts you can steal (mad libs approved) and take your email efforts up a notch.

Let’s dive into it…


You’re the modern day Gary Halbert. My brand is [NAME OF BRAND] and we need an email sequence that highlights our latest feature: [DESCRIBE THE FEATURE]. The emails should nurture a relationship with someone who is already on my mailing list.

What to learn from this?

  • Embrace the idea of playing roleplay with ChatGPT
  • Describe the context of your task and desired outcome
  • Share as much information as you can around your product


Read the email below, study the flow and structure, understand why this email is highly converting and then write a variation of it in the tone of [DESCRIBE AUTHOR], as [BRAND] promoting [DESCRIBE A PRODUCT].


What to learn from this?

  • Ensure that ChatGPT knows what elements you want it to take inspiration from
  • Communicate the exact product you want to promote
  • Provide clarity on the author you want to emulate (get inspiration here)


We need an email that promotes our latest product: [PRODUCT] and this really needs to resonate with [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Craft a long form email in a direct-mail style (it can be long) but pull on the emotions of our audience. We will send this email to existing customers of [BRAND]. Keep it 

What to learn from this?

  • Advise the length of the email you’re looking for
  • Communicate the tactic recommendation you want from ChatGPT
  • Provide context on who will receiving this email
  • Describe your audience so ChatGPT doesn’t assume


Step into the shoes of marketing legend Seth Godin for this task. You’re working for [NAME OF BRAND] who has developed a new line of [DESCRIBE KEY FEATURE] products, [DESCRIBE THE OFFERING]. We need an email sequence that connects emotionally with our existing audience, focusing on [DESCRIBE A KEY BENEFIT] for these products.

What to learn from this?

  • Whether it’s Seth Godin or some other expert – Use them
  • Get detailed in describing your offer and key beenfits
  • Articulate exactly what you want ChatGPT to do
  • Be specific on the strategic recommendations

The strategic insights outlined above should arm you with the inspiration you need to write better prompts.

In the list below, we dive into some other email marketing prompts that can help you win. If you want a Google Sheet of these Prompts — Download it for free here. 

30+ ChatGPT Prompts For Email Marketing


We need an email that captures the essence of our new [PRODUCT]. This email should be thought-provoking and appeal to the intellectual side of [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Focus on the unique perspective our product offers, much like a Gladwellian insight.


Craft an email for [BRAND] that delves into the marketing mix of our new [PRODUCT]. Highlight how each element (product, price, place, promotion) benefits the [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Make it informative and insightful.


Create a witty and engaging email for [NAME OF BRAND], introducing our quirky [PRODUCT FEATURE]. Use a conversational tone to build a connection with our audience, focusing on how this feature adds value to their lives.


Develop a sophisticated and persuasive email for [BRAND] that showcases our premium [PRODUCT]. Use elegant language and compelling arguments to appeal to a high-end [TARGET AUDIENCE].


Craft a stoic and powerful email for [BRAND], introducing our new resilient [PRODUCT]. Focus on how this product can help [TARGET AUDIENCE] overcome challenges and persevere.


Develop an email for [BRAND] that uses content marketing strategies to educate [TARGET AUDIENCE] about our new [PRODUCT], providing valuable information and establishing thought leadership.


You’re one of the most creative yet conversion driven email writers on the market. Write a 5 email sequence that nurtures [TARGET AUDIENCE] after downloading [LEAD MAGNET DESCRIPTION]. Create a narrative around a customer whose life was significantly changed by using [PRODUCT]. This story should be deeply engaging, highlighting the emotional and practical benefits of the product.



You’re the modern day Seth Godin. You’re known for writing emails that convert and subject lines that drive conversions. Craft an email for [BRAND] that shows how our [PRODUCT] is remarkably different and stands out in a crowded market, appealing to [TARGET AUDIENCE]’s interest in [PRODUCT]. 


You’re one of the top email marketers in the world. Create an email for [BRAND] that focuses on the broader view of what our [PRODUCT] accomplishes for [TARGET AUDIENCE], avoiding a narrow focus on just the product itself.


Create an email introducing a groundbreaking feature of [PRODUCT]. Focus on how this feature solves a specific problem for [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Use a narrative approach, sharing a story of a customer whose life was changed by this feature.


It’s a big day. We need to highlight the power of [PRODUCT] so our target audience [DESCRIBE AUDIENCE] reads this email and wants to buy. Craft an email for [BRAND] that delves into the marketing mix of our new [PRODUCT]. Highlight how each element (product, price, place, promotion) benefits the [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Make it informative and insightful.


Plan a drip campaign where each email features a different customer testimonial. Show real stories of how [PRODUCT] impacted the lives of [TARGET AUDIENCE]. I’ve included 3 case studies and customer success stories below. Review these and use them to convey the value of [PRODUCT] and outline the features + benefits that [TARGET AUDIENCE] would care about.



Create an urgent email for a flash sale on [PRODUCT]. Use high-energy language and visuals to convey the limited-time nature of the offer. Do a search online for insights into the psychology of humans before writing this one. Make sure you use the emotional triggers that drive action as a part of this campaign to drive results. 


Invite customers to a webinar about [PRODUCT]. Focus the content on educating them about the product’s features and benefits, with a live Q&A session. Write this content like [YOUR FAVORITE WRITER] would but for [NICHE]. Make it exciting ! 


Compose an email telling a story of a day in the life of someone using [PRODUCT], showcasing how it integrates seamlessly into daily routines.


Craft an email that showcases [PRODUCT] as a symbol of the lifestyle or status [TARGET AUDIENCE] aspires to achieve. Use imagery and language that reflects their ideal self-image.


We’re launching a new product called [NAME]. We need to sell a TON of product by [DATE]. Create an urgent sale email leveraging the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Emphasize the limited availability of [PRODUCT] and how others are already benefiting from it.


Our audience for [BRAND] is skeptical of [PRODUCT]. We need to demonstrate trust by using third parties to showcase our quality. Write an email providing expert opinions or endorsements for [PRODUCT]. Use the authority figures and quotes below to elevate our trust in the market.



We offer a product called [NAME] that helps [TARGET AUDIENCE] achieve [OUTCOME. Share a before-and-after story of a customer who used [PRODUCT]. Emphasize the transformative impact of the product on their life or situation. I’ve included an example of the a customer below.



We’re launching a product called [NAME]. It will help [TARGET AUDIENCE] unlock the power of [BRAND] using [FEATURE 1], [FEATURE 2] and [FEATURE 3]. We’re excited to announce it. Start a series of emails that slowly reveal more about [PRODUCT]. Each email should build anticipation and interest, leading up to a launch or special offer.

Our audience is sometimes overwhelmed in [NICHE] by all the options. We’re [BRAND] and we help [TARGET AUDIENCE] achieve [RESULT]. Simplify the decision-making process for the customer. Present [PRODUCT] as the clear, no-brainer choice for [TARGET AUDIENCE], reducing the stress of making the right decision.


We make [PRODUCT] and target [TARGET AUDIENCE] Craft an email that includes something of value in the email (like a tip, a free guide, or a discount code) that [TARGET AUDEINCE] would find valuable. Craft this email filled with value before asking for anything in return, triggering a sense of reciprocity and increasing the likelihood of engagement. At the end of the email write a CTA that lures them in to buy our product [PRODUCT]. 


We’re building a product called [NAME]. We need to write a series of drip email campaigns that address a common fear or anxiety of [TARGET AUDIENCE] and present [PRODUCT] us as a solution to alleviate these concerns, providing peace of mind. Describe the benefits in-depth. 


Our audience is from the [DECADE]’s. We’re looking to build a one-off email that connects [PRODUCT] with fond memories or nostalgic elements relevant to [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Use storytelling to evoke emotions and create a personal connection with the product. 


You’re a combination of Don Draper meets Gary Halbert. Write an email that focuses on personal growth or progress, positioning [PRODUCT] as a tool that helps [TARGET AUDIENCE] reach their potential or improve their life.


Unleash your creativity with this one. Tell a story and then develop an email that compares [PRODUCT] with its competitors. Focus on unique selling points and advantages, backing up claims with facts and user feedback.



Write an email for [BRAND] that reflects the six facets of our brand identity and how our new [PRODUCT] embodies these traits for [TARGET AUDIENCE].


Draft an email that gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how [PRODUCT] was created. Include interviews with the team, photos from the development process, and how customer feedback (from [BRAND]’s existing customers) was incorporated.


It’s a pivotal moment for our brand [BRAND NAME]. Our goal is to underscore the effectiveness of [PRODUCT], ensuring our specified demographic [DESCRIBE AUDIENCE] engages with this email and feels compelled to purchase. Develop an email for [BRAND] that explores the marketing strategy of our latest [PRODUCT]. Emphasize how each component (product, price, distribution, advertising) provides advantages to the [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Ensure the content is enlightening and perceptive.

Access Hundreds More Prompts

Ready to kick your AI game and prompt engineering skills up a notch? Check out our AI Marketing Console. It’s the real deal for marketers looking to put tools like ChatGPT (& Midjourney) in their everyday toolbox. This isn’t just about saving time—it’s about leveling up your game and doing it with style.

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