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10 Content Marketing Tools For B2B Growth Teams In 2021

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The number of platforms and social media networks that help us develop our business is continuously increasing.

Thus, the optimization of marketing efforts is essential for time maximization and to improve our digital marketing performance. But how do we actually move those leads down the funnel? How do we get to our targeted audience in the right way?

Whether you are a marketing aficionado or a professional marketer, if you’ve been asking yourself those questions, this article will surely make things more transparent. We’ve put together a list of 10 content marketing tools to give you an understanding of how they differ and how they can contribute to an effective marketing strategy to fuel your business growth.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Organize Your Tasks With Evernote
  2. Find Trending Topics With BuzzSumo
  3. Check The Quality of Your Content With Grammarly
  4. Customize Your Design With Canva
  5. Schedule Social Media Posts With Hootsuite
  6. Create Email Campaigns With MailChimp
  7. Nurture Your Leads With SUMO
  8. Research Keyword Ideas With Ahrefs
  9. Scale Your Social Media Performance With Sprout Social
  10. Keep in Touch With the Team via Trello

Organize Your Tasks With Evernote

Evernote is a premium app that works as an electronic agenda. It is conceived to help you organize, archive, and synchronize data.

By merely creating a note, you can easily access your input from any other device, allowing you to visualize, modify, and finalize ongoing tasks. You can also share your memos with other users.

Here is what you can save in your Evernote account:

  • Audio files
  • Favorite web pages (through the web clipper extension)
  • A simple text
  • Images
  • Blog drafts
  • Lists of tasks

Extra benefits of the app:

  • Attaching files
  • Annotating images
  • Storing networking information
  • Scanning pictures
  • Creating reminders

Find Trending Topics With BuzzSumo

A marketing professional needs to know how the market progresses in her field. Among other things, he has to keep an eye on the trending content.

In a nutshell, BuzzSumo helps you find the most shared content from a certain industry or the most distributed content containing a specific keyword. , You also get some insight into how social media users perceive your articles. Plus, you can access your competitors’ most shared content; thus, you can start improving yours.

Check The Quality of Your Content With Grammarly

Quality content is the most engaging content, and quality also means correct grammar and spelling.

Users lose interest in a text that contains grammar errors or typos, so regardless of your writing level, it is essential to have a professional tool to proofread your content before posting it online.

Grammarly not only detects errors but also gives you a heads-up on overused words, squinting modifiers, passive voice, word usage, and so on.

If you choose to install Grammarly for Chrome, you will receive real-time feedback on your content without pasting the entire content into a separate app.

Customize Your Design With Canva

Canva is a user-friendly content automation tool that embeds thousands of editable templates, design elements, illustration models, modern fonts, or filters.

What we most like about Canva is that it does not require any technical skills; by simply creating an account, you get access to covers, CVs, calendars, infographics, banners, wedding invitations, and so on. Anyone with a zero design background can easily edit those graphic elements.

Schedule Social Media Posts With Hootsuite

Social media is the most powerful ally in creating and growing a strong network of customers. The keyword is engagement, and to obtain it, you have to share good content with your prospects.

With so many public networks at hand, things may tend to become chaotic; that is when you realize that you need an automatic tool to keep you from sharing a post on every existing social media platform.

Besides programming posts on any platform (even YouTube), Hootsuite allows you to upload and schedule hundreds of posts simultaneously. Such a timesaving app!

It is also available on smartphones so that you can easily track your social media activity anywhere, anytime.

Create Email Campaigns With MailChimp

Newsletters are an essential marketing tool that allows marketers to interact with their followers easily.

MailChimp is one of the most popular tools in content marketing automation because it integrates with many software, is free up to 2000 subscribers, and is easy to use, even by non-professionals. It also includes a handy design editor that you can play with.

Users can monitor the number of clicks, shares, unsubscribes, the most accessed links from a campaign and even the subscribers’ demographics.

With MailChimp, you can create subscriber lists and campaigns and choose templates for your newsletters to add some lively color to your content by personalizing the design of your emails. Then, you can analyze the results of your campaigns with a click of a button.

Alternatively, a form builder that integrates with messaging apps and can automate your emails for you. Once a visitor places an order, they can automatically get sent a custom PDF receipt, saving you lots of time. Or, when visitors place something in their trolley, ask for their email address to immediately send them an email with further product information, related products, or upgraded models.

Research Keyword Ideas With Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a content automation ranking tool that measures the quantity and quality of backlinks one website has.

It also monitors the SEO optimization processes of your website against that of your competitors by focusing on the links that bring real traffic. Thus, you will receive your website’s position in the Ahrefs database, a score that is based on the ‘power’ of your backlink profile.

This content automation tool lets you peek into your competitors’ strategy and thus exceed their results by tracking the right keywords, creating backlinks, and improving your domain rating scores.

Nurture Your Leads With SUMO

When speaking of content automation, SUMO is worth mentioning. It is a complex app that embeds email marketing, social media sharing, and analytics; basically, all you need to grow your number of subscribers.

Here are the main features of the app:

  • List Builder – it allows you to create an email list
  • Welcome Mat – it creates a pop-up CTA that appears when a visitor lands on your website
  • Smart Bar – you can add it at the top of your landing page to promote a new post or to invite visitors to subscribe to your email list
  • Scroll Box – it lets you set a percentage of how low your visitors will scroll until this pop-up appears, inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Scale Your Social Media Performance With Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a compound social media management tool with multiple functionalities. Analytics is one of its most important features, as it allows you to review the results of your campaigns and thus plan your next steps in your business.

Sprout Social not only means planning, organizing, and delivering content, but also understanding the needs of the engaged community, creating marketing strategies, and providing the best customer care.

Keep in Touch With the Team via Trello

A successful marketing campaign is usually the result of a productive collaboration between the members of a team.

With Trello, you can share boards, checklists, and cards with your crew. It is a great way to keep everyone posted on the progress of a project.

Trello allows you to keep a personal to-do list and create lists of tasks for the team; you can also share your calendar with the rest of the staff and integrate the apps that you and your team already use.

Sync Trello with your mobile phone and stay in touch with your collaborators anywhere.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to content marketing automation, there are a lot of boxes to check.

But hard work pays off and good marketing makes you stand out from the crowd, so it’s worth investing into an efficient automation tool. Plus after sorting out a strategy, with all those instruments at hand, you can shift your efforts away from managing these monotonous tasks and focus even more on content distribution.

Enjoy the process!


Vlad Shvets is a growth marketer and content writer at Paperform. He loves writing about product marketing, technology, and workplace productivity.

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[Updated Dec 8, 2020]

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