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Why Storytelling & Content Distribution Are The Perfect Marketing Strategy

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Everyone loves a good story.

When was the last time someone emphatically and excitedly told you a story about making avocado toast? (Actually that’s a bad example, that could’ve happened.)

Storytelling has influenced culture, it’s still shaping how we see the world today, and it hasn’t changed that much outside of the mediums in which we share them.

For years many brands looked at storytelling as a way to sell something. Whether it’s a product, service, even believability of the story itself, most brands had an obvious agenda when telling a story through radio, video and print ads.

In today’s world, we still see this approach but it doesn’t work as well.

Instead of always aiming to sell something, we should aim to teach.

You teach while telling a story.

You see, if you give quality information to the masses (like this, this or this), people will associate value with your brand. The value will make more people trust your brand over time and the people you’re trying to connect with will be more willing to buy.

Yes, this may take more time than demanding a purchase out the door, but there’s a value in education that many marketers overlook. A few key benefits that come with education based content marketing:

  1. It positions you as a leader in the space
  2. It gives you assets worth distributing
  3. It arms you with sales tools
  4. It gives you an opportunity to grow brand
  5. It offers an opportunity to generate more leads

Now you might be wondering:

Ok… But how?

Here’s the thing:

There are tons of different ways that brands can deliver value to their audience!

  • Create Webinars
  • Create A Great Newsletter
  • Conduct & Publish Research
  • Create White Papers
  • Write Blog Posts

All of these different tactics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating great content. You can get creative with the channels you leverage and the content formats you share. In one of my recent talks, I talk about exactly this along with the value of storytelling in both culture and marketing. I dive into some of the ways brands can benefit from listening to their audience, the benefits of risk-taking in content and the role of experimentation.

Grab a cup of coffee, throw on some headphones, check it out and let me know your thoughts:

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