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Why Too Many Creators Underestimate Content | Vol 85

Free Content

Welcome to Volume 85!

We acknowledge this week has been a tough one, especially for the community of Uvalde, Texas. We can’t imagine the pain in your hearts right now. Our hearts go out to the students, faculty members, and the families of the victims of this tragedy.

Here’s a peek at what’s to come in this week’s roundup:

  • Paddle Acquires ProfitWell
  • How HashiCorp Is Taking Over a $630-Billion Industry
  • Why Too Many Creators Underestimate Content


🎧 Busy? Listen to the latest episode of The High EQ Marketer podcast while you work to hear our Director of Content, Melissa Zehner, talk about crafting content marketing strategies, hiring talented writers, and the grammar hill she’s willing to die on.



Paddle Acquires ProfitWell

The News: Early this week, Paddle acquired Profitwell, the US-based subscription metrics and retention software, for $200 million in cash and equity.
Paddle’s Founder and CEO, Christian Owens, says that acquisition will allow SaaS companies to focus on their product, team, and customers, while relying on Paddle to handle their taxes, payments, billing, reporting, retention, and pricing.

Why This Acquisition Makes Sense:
 Paddle has invested time, money, and effort to position itself as the complete payment infrastructure for SaaS companies.Founded in 2012, the UK company recently raised $200 million, boosting its valuation to $1.4 billion. Compared to competitors, Paddle only controls 0.10% of the payments processing market, with big names like Stripe, PayPal, and Shopify leading the way.Acquiring ProfitWell expands Paddle’s organic reach, giving them more access to the US customer base. What’s even better is that Paddle inherits 30,000 customers from the acquisition. Top SaaS companies such as Canva, Notion, Autodesk, and HubSpot are now a part of its customer base.Paddle also gains:
  • Profitwell’s team, with its CEO Patrick Campbell becoming Paddle’s chief strategy officer and Co-founder Facundo Chamut becoming chief product officer.
  • Profitwell’s website, which attracts 135K people every month.
  • Its blog and tools, which generate a monthly organic traffic revenue of $110,000.
Overall, the acquisition is a win for Paddle, especially following its ambitions to build a complete payment processing platform for SaaS brands. Diversifying its offerings to include the complementary services ProfitWell offers is a strategy to increase revenue and keep users hooked and loyal.


How HashiCorp Is Taking Over a $630-Billion Industry

Last week, my colleague Ethan Crump dived deep into HashiCorp’s success. He broke down the multi-product strategy HashiCorp used to earn the trust of high-value customers like Ubisoft and reach a $5.6-billion valuation.

If you aren’t familiar with HashiCorp, the generation-defining infrastructure software company offers a suite of products and managed services to help IT professionals at each layer of cloud computing.

One key element of HashiCorp’s strategy is how they divide the cloud computing market to conquer IT departments, SMEs, and Global 2000 enterprises one at a time. HashiCorp has three open-source offerings that attract developers, operations, security, and networking users into the fold. These products are Terraform, Consul, and Vault.

open-source products driving revenue to Hashicorp form 2021-2016

HashiCorp leveraged these tools to create a network of sites and channels that feed into one another, resulting in a competitive SEO moat and a thriving community.

Ethan explores the different strategies HashiCorp used, including its community-building approach, how HashiCorp uses SEO & CRO to drive open-source adoption, and HashiCorp’s product-led growth flywheel.

If you are a B2B SaaS company looking to leverage the product-led growth approach, you’ll learn a lot from HashiCorp’s approach.



Why Too Many Creators Underestimate Content

Many marketers underestimate the power of treating content as an investment. However, they can only see their efforts pay off when they treat investing in content like investing in the stock market.
Last week, Ross had a chat with Daniel Murray of The Marketing Millennials in which they explored the power of treating content marketing as an investment portfolio and other topics, including one marketing trend most creators are overlooking right now.
Here are some nuggets from the episode:
  • Content is like investing in a stock, bond, or crypto. When you make a calculated investment in any of these assets, you see better ROI the longer you hold.
  • A piece of content you produce today can generate more returns in two years than it would 24 hours after you hit publish.
  • The secret is to HOLD onto a content investment for the long run. Optimize and distribute that piece of content over and over again and put paid media behind it.
  • To create an investment portfolio for your brand, think about how you should be investing your time and money in terms of your goals.
  • Identify opportunities that competitors might be overlooking and leverage that.
  • Find content-user fit on a channel you know resonates with your audience
If you haven’t listened to the full episode already, listen here and share it with your network.


🤝 SiriusXM acquired Conan O’Brien’s podcast and digital media business, Team Coco, for $150 million.

💸 Candle Media, led by former Disney execs Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, acquired ATTN for $100 million to reach Gen Z and millennial audiences.

🎉Stripe launched an app marketplace that will bring third-party accounting, analytics, CRM, marketing, and e-signature tools directly into Stripe.

💻 Want to learn more about which tech companies let go of staff or froze hiring within the past week? Find out here. Several companies are stepping up to hire more staff, including Foundation. If you want to join our remote-first, global team, check out our careers page.


Health is wealth, they say. But how mindful are we of our health?

Every week comes with tons of meetings and multiple deadlines we have to meet. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the hustle of the day that we forget to take a breath and relax.

The truth is, we are only as effective as our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. As much as we have to do, the people in our lives can only gain so much from us if we prioritize healthy living.

So, if you haven’t already, take a vacation from work to unplug. Reassess your goals and progress so far. Then set goals that prioritize growth and stability in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your life, as well as financially and in your relationships.

You can learn more about how to apply a balance in your life from this article.

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