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Loom Rolls Out Canceled Meeting Candles | Vol 95

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Welcome to Volume 95

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. 

  • Loom Rolls Out Canceled Meeting Candles
  • SurveyMonkey’s Blog Isn’t an Organic Traffic Driver


Loom Rolls Out Canceled Meeting Candles

Loom is well known for its creative brilliance and advocacy for a stress-free workplace. First, its co-founders launched Loom to redefine meetings as we know them. 

Now, instead of spending minutes interpreting a message or hours jumping on calls, Loom has become the go-to tool for async communication. You can send a Loom for basically anything work-related. It’s no wonder Loom has over 4,000,000 users. 

Loom also sends nice pop-ups to congratulate screen-shy and screen-confident users after a recording. If you haven’t gotten any, here’s an example from my colleague.

Somehow, kind, encouraging words can send some feel-good hormones that temporarily relieve stress (not unless you’ve seen this frequently). It’s the same feeling you get when someone commends you for doing something good.

Now, Loom has taken things a step further with its canceled meetings candle.  

I love how Loom makes use of a common user pain point, namely back pains that can result from prolonged sitting due to work and meetings. Then they use the language in their copy to appeal to ideal customers:

Notice how the body copy acknowledges that async updates have their drawbacks. But they immediately follow up with a solution—aromatherapy. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold already. They had me at “back-to-back pain.” Lol. 

On a serious note, though, Loom is doing a pretty great job with dominating the async communication niche and is quickly making its way up the remote work ladder. 


SurveyMonkey’s Blog Isn’t an Organic Traffic Driver


That’s the estimated number of active users SurveyMonkey has acquired, despite its tiny teams and low ad spend. 

The website drives over 125 million sessions every month, with the average session lasting up to 11 minutes. That’s longer than the average session on popular social networks like TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Over 90% of SurveyMonkey’s organic traffic comes from its 19 million users, not its blog. That’s because when SurveyMonkey finds a niche high-volume keyword, they create a standalone landing page instead of a blog post. Many of these landing pages are free tools that generate as much as $20,000 in organic revenue and attract more than 30,000 visits monthly. 

SurveyMonkey also combines a handful of other strategies to grow its influence to the point where over 300,000 organizations use the tool. We break down the strategies in this case study, including how SurveyMonkey lets users do marketing for them. 

Check it out here.

How SurveyMonkey Drives Millions of Monthly Visitors


Ad cookies on Chrome aren’t going away till 2024. 

In case you use Twitter Blue, Twitter is doubling its subscription. So if you pay $2.99 per month right now, get ready to pay $4.99 in October. 

Search Engine Land recently released its latest the state of organic marketing report for 2022. The report contains insights from top marketers sharing pain points, best practices, and future plans, all from their own marketing experiments.

Is the economy experiencing a downturn right now? Mark Zuckerberg believes so. Meta, Google, and other tech companies still plan to slow down hiring, given the current market conditions.


What qualities do you look out for when hiring new employees?

Skills? Experience? A glowing recommendation from a former boss? Passion?

While these are super important, one overlooked quality can make or break your company’s long-term success. That’s a growth mindset. It’s a quality we prioritize here at Foundation. 

Ross defines a growth mindset as the difference between an employee who always views everything as an obstacle and one who views everything as an opportunity. Growth-driven individuals see challenges as an opportunity to grow themselves and the company. You want a fellow with the latter mindset on your team. 

Sure, they may not have the right skill set, but they do have the right attitude. And anyone can become anything with the right attitude in place. 

So while looking out for skill and expertise, be sure to look out for someone with a growth mindset and take a chance on them.


24 lessons on business and life by Justin Welsh



Faded by Soul Decision


This charcuterie board of insights is brought to you by me, Jessica Tee O. ✌!

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