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Keep Marketing in a Downturn | Vol 96

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Welcome to Volume 95

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. 

  • How To Sell Stakeholders on the ROI of Marketing in a Downturn 
  • LinkedIn Tests Discover Tab

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Data Visualization Anyone Can Understand

How many analytics tools are in your tech stack?

Let’s be honest—it’s probably more than you need. Not because they’re flawed, but because the insights they produce rarely end up in the right hands! They’re buried in a spreadsheet somewhere, or behind a login, or you need to ask Kevin from accounts for access.

Geckoboard can streamline data from 80+ sources like Zendesk, Shopify, and Google Analytics all onto one single screen to be shared with your team through Slack, TV display, or shared dashboards.

Their mission is to get your data seen by key team members so that it becomes part of your everyday feedback loop. Because you and I both know we can’t keep track of our KPIs if we don’t keep track of the right data.

Get your free 14-day Geckoboard trial today—on us!


How To Get C-Suite To Invest In Marketing During a Downturn

70% of Americans think a recession is on its way, and the numbers agree:

These numbers say we are in an economic downturn. But there’s more.

Nearly half of U.S businesses are worried about a recession, some of which are already making moves to make general budget cuts. 

Sadly, marketing is usually one of the first victims of the ax. What’s worse is that many B2B marketers still struggle to prove the ROI of content marketing to stakeholders. That’s because ROI is often hard to prove, but it’s not impossible. You can sell stakeholders on the immense value of marketing in a downturn.

We created a guide outlining practical tips for proving content marketing ROI to stakeholders. One tip we shared is the power of showing stakeholders what they stand to gain from investing in content marketing. That means tying your tactics and evidence back to key metrics stakeholders care about—metrics that directly impact revenue and critical business goals. 

Metrics like organic traffic, bounce rate, time on site, and pages per session don’t mean much to stakeholders because these metrics don’t directly impact revenue. However, these metrics impact the business’s bottom line—revenue and overall growth:

  1. Qualified Leads
  2. Conversions
  3. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) 

That’s why stakeholders care more about these numbers—they define real-time business success. You want to focus on these metrics while making your case. 

We also dove deep into other practical tips to help you convince stakeholders to maintain marketing budgets during the downturn. 

The overall goal is to get them to see and treat content marketing as an investment. It’s just as Ross says, “A piece of content you produce today can generate more returns in two years than it would 24 hours after you hit publish. The secret is to HOLD onto a content investment for the long run. Optimize and distribute that content repeatedly…

You can read the full article here

Find Out How To Stop Stakeholders From Cutting Marketing Budgets Today


LinkedIn Tests A Discover Tab (Like Instagram Does)


That’s the number of people who use LinkedIn in 2022

The majority of these people use the platform to educate themselves, share knowledge, build a strong network, and discover opportunities. It’s no wonder LinkedIn sees as many as 15.4 billion sessions

To help users discover more personalized content and opportunities, LinkedIn is testing a new mobile feature—the Discover feed. 

So, how different is the Discover feed from the usual Home feed we already use?

The Discover Feed will allow you to find relevant content from thought leaders outside your network. Before now, you’d have noticed you can only see content from people outside your network if someone in your network interacts with that content. Now, you can browse newsletters, posts, videos, events, and more through the Discover Tab. 

VP of Product, Blake Barnes shares that users’ feeds will be curated with content based on their occupation and interests. 

Of course, this move is to make the platform more valuable for users. However, the update may favor those with a large following more than those with less. That means even if a micro-influencer produces better content than a macro influencer, they may not get the needed visibility via the Discover Feed.

It’s quite early to draw this conclusion since the feature is still in testing mode. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed to see how it goes. 


Twilio got hacked this week. The hackers stole employee credentials to access customer data. 

Cox Enterprises now owns Axios. The news site agreed to sell itself for $525 million

Amazon’s ad revenue jumped 18% last quarter, putting the brand ahead of Big Tech giants like Google and Meta.


Everyone loves to feel valued and appreciated.

Whether it’s a coworker, employee, or leader in an organization, no one likes to feel like their efforts and contributions don’t count.

Survey Monkey found that 82% of employees are happier when they are appreciated. This means employers, managers, or supervisors stand a better chance of retaining top talent when they show appreciation to employees or direct reports. 

So, how do you show employees you value and appreciate their efforts?

First, find out how they’d prefer to be appreciated.

If you’ve read “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, you should know that everyone has a primary way they’d prefer their partner expresses love to them. 

Just as knowing and communicating appreciation in your partner’s love language is a critical ingredient for a thriving relationship, knowing your employee’s appreciation language is important for effective team communication and collaboration.

The best way to find out your direct reports’ or employees’ preferred appreciation language is to ask them directly. You can ask questions like: 

  • Would you prefer to be appreciated through positive verbal or written compliments?
  • Would you feel more valued if we offered to reduce your workload or add special perks?
  • Do team games, more time with loved ones, or other quality activities help you feel more valued?
  • Do you consider bonuses, gift cards, or something tangible enough appreciation?

It’s important to ask these questions. 

Give room for employees to select the option that appeals to them, and they should describe the option they select in detail so you can learn how best to express appreciation to them.

Little acts go a long way in communicating value to employees.


11 tips to double your conversion rate in the next 5 minutes by Alex Garcia



Motivation Mix

Be sure to check out Geckoboard for data visualization anyone can understand. 📈

This charcuterie board of insights is brought to you by me, Jessica Tee O. ✌🏾!

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