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12 Of The Best Free Tools Every B2B Brand Can Launch

Free Content

The right B2B marketing tools can help you run your campaigns and marketing more efficiently.

Tools can provide useful insights about your ideal customers and current customers to help improve your marketing strategy. In a society where marketing is always evolving, B2B marketers need to focus on the tactics that can drive results.

Especially if you want your lead generation efforts to pay off.

Increasing quality leads is the top priority for 68% of B2B professionals, followed by increasing lead volume at 55%.

But, B2B marketers like you are bound to experience some challenges with lead generation along the way. Challenges like poor performing landing pages or having low-quality prospects coming through your sales funnel.

Which is what I’m here to talk about today.

In this post, we’re going to be diving into one of my favorite tactics for improving your lead generation efforts:

Creating free tools.

Launching a tool can get your brand out there and help get leads, which can ultimately turn to customers and sales. And today, I’m going to share with you 12 examples of tools you (and any B2B marketer) can build to fill your pipeline.

1. Mockup Generator

Mockup generators allow anybody to insert an image or screenshot onto a physical device like a laptop screen, iPhone or book cover.

Why should you create a mockup generator?

Creating a tool like this allows you to alleviate some stress for those who need to create product visuals for a launch or landing page but don’t have the photoshop skills to pull it off themselves. It also allows you to incorporate various options in terms of colours, graphics, and choosing an alternative (i.e., smartphone) to display your offering.

From a lead generation standpoint, if your primary product offering is graphic design software like Canva, you could create a free mockup generator to attract the folks who may be intimidated by Photoshop and introduce them to your simplified alternative.

2. Invoice Generator

Invoice generators allow businesses to create an invoice within minutes. They enable you to fill in the required information and either print or email directly to clients.

Why should you create an invoice generator?

Having a tool such as an invoice generator saves you time it takes to create one in a word processor and is more environmentally friendly than traditional billing. And due to the ability to complete the invoice faster, you can cut the time for your client to receive it and get paid.

In terms of lead generation, if your offering is accounting software for midsize business, you can develop a free tool to attract those who might find subscription-based tools challenging and introduce them to an affordable option that’s both accessible and convenient. You can also think of invoice generators as an alternative to invoice templates in desktop software like Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office. That might be overwhelming and not necessarily include everything you need to produce an invoice. You can also use automated billing software to give you everything you need to create and manage invoices for your business.


3. SEO Checker

An SEO checker is a way to make search engine optimization easier. A tool like this helps identify the areas you need to improve on.

Why should you create an SEO checker?

Creating an SEO checker can help professionals analyze their website and determine how well. Using an SEO checker can also help others look at their competition to see what keywords they’re ranking for that you’re not, where they’re successful, and where you can improve upon

With regards to your lead generation, if your main product is a backlink checker, you can create a free SEO checker tool to help others who might be wanting another option that doesn’t require you to pay to use it to see data of your performance.

Tools like Sitechecker are examples of an SEO checker that does that.

4. Email Subject Analyzer

A successful email starts with a subject line that grabs the attention of others. An email subject analyzer can help determine your overall subject line quality and rate its ability to be successful.

Why should you create an email subject analyzer?

Writing emails can be a time-consuming activity. And when your audience doesn’t open your emails, your effort can go to waste. Thus, launching your email subject analyzer allows users to determine the strength of the subject line before sending your email campaign. If you can determine the strength, you can modify it and receive better click-through rates.

In regards to your lead generation, let’s say you have an email scheduling platform, like SendPulse. You could create a free email subject analyzer to attract B2B professionals who may find writing subject lines intimidating and show them an option that could help leverage their engagement efforts.

A popular example of a tool like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

5. Blog Title Generator

Crafting great content is essential if you want to get the most out of your blog, but your audience will not read your content unless you have a killer title. 

A blog title generator tool allows users to enter a word into a text box and click a button to generate options.

Why should you create a blog title generator?

Coming up with the perfect title isn’t always the easiest thing to do. If you do not have a good title for your post, you might not see the results you had hoped. Launching your blog title generator can help others come up with many ideas that can help them automate the blogging process

With your lead generation efforts, if you run a CMS company like Webflow, you can launch a free blog title generator to help copywriters and others who might struggle to brainstorm ideas and introduce them to an easy solution. 

6. SaaS Metrics Generator

For those who work in SaaS, it’s essential to keep track of your progress. Choosing from the various SaaS metrics out there can be challenging. 

A SaaS metrics generator helps determine what SaaS metrics somebody needs to monitor and track to accomplish sustainable growth for their brand.

Why should you create a SaaS metrics generator? 

If you launch a SaaS metrics generator, you can help others overcome their SaaS challenges and set metrics that work for their needs. And if your metrics aren’t performing to where they should be, it could result in poor results. 

Introducing the SaaS Metrics Generator (beta) | Geckoboard blog

Though choosing the right SaaS metrics can be stressful. It’s because it’s a continuous process, so it can be hard to get the results you want right away. You have to carefully determine what you want to measure and focus only on those.

Let’s say you’re a SaaS company developing tools to accept transactions online or measure the growth of their company. From a lead generation perspective, you can launch a free SaaS metrics generator to help those struggling to choose and evaluate critical metrics.

7. Email Address Finder

We’ve all had that moment: you know who you want to contact, but now if you could only find their email address. Without the right email address, your deliverability could fail, and it may even result in being marked as spam.

An email finder is an automated tool that helps an individual find emails from various platforms with the help of a domain name or business. If you’d like to see an example, you can check out UpLead’s email address finder or skrapp’s company email finder.

Why should you create an email address finder?

Email is one of the essential forms of communication, especially for B2B professionals in general. By launching an email address finder, you can have a free tool that allows users to find email addresses within seconds, like a key player from a particular brand.

From a lead generation perspective, if your primary offering is an email marketing automation platform like Drip, you could launch a free email address finder tool to help others quickly locate a prospect’s email address without much effort or research.

Alternatively, in the realm of B2B email marketing, consider an SPF record checker for enhancing email deliverability and security.

8. Terms & Conditions Generator

We’ve all seen a terms & service agreement on a website, but you might realize its importance. Many brands prompt you to agree to it before you can access their website or register.

A terms & conditions generator is a tool that generates an agreement that sets how your product or service may be used in a legally binding fashion.

Why should you create a terms & conditions generator? 

If you don’t have terms & conditions, you won’t get the trust of others. It means you may miss out on business and a user going to a competitor for a more professional approach. In the end, by launching a terms & conditions generator, you allow users to establish rules and guidelines about their business and what they offer. 

From a lead generation standpoint, if your product is a conversation intelligence platform like Chorus, you could create a free terms & conditions generator to allow users to have a policy based on their needs to safeguard user information—without having to write a full-page themselves (or copy & paste from the competition).

9. Privacy Policy Generator

Anyone who has ever browsed the Internet knows that many websites have a privacy policy. And it’s one of the critical pieces of text on a website, as it emphasizes your brand’s views and procedures on the information collected from others.

A privacy policy generator can help make sure that your brand follows the law.

Why should you create a privacy policy generator? 

A privacy policy can explain what happens to the personal information you give a company. By launching a privacy policy generator, you help others easily create a legal document that indicates how a brand collects, uses, discloses, and manages individual data.

In regards to your lead generation, let’s say you have a product that facilitates website building, like Shopify. You could launch a free privacy policy generator so that users can develop their site in full without getting stuck on writing a privacy policy.

10. Payroll Calculator

Managing payroll is not the most glamorous job, but it’s part of having a business. Payroll can be complicated, especially if you’re not an expert.

A payroll calculator can help easily calculate payroll taxes, estimate gross pay, deductions, and net pay for your team or yourself.

Why should you create a payroll calculator?

Processing payroll is a crucial function of any business and requires an understanding of taxes and regulations to ensure proper implementation and filing, to ensure everything is accurate. If you launch a free payroll calculator, you can easily let individuals determine the impact on their take-home pay. 

With your lead generation efforts, if your main product is a customer support platform such as Mint, you can create a free payroll calculator that allows business professionals to determine their income after taxes while managing their money.

11. Font Generator

Font is everywhere these days. Look at a magazine, book, your phone, or the styles used in a blog post. It can determine how a message gets across and if your content gets read.

A font generator is a tool that helps convert text to a unique and fun font.

Why should you create a font generator?

The font you select can have a significant impact on the way your brand represents itself. By choosing to launch a free font generator, you’re helping others add some flair to their text. There are lots of fonts out there, but sometimes you may want your own to match your vision.

Tools like FontSpace allow you to do this.

Let’s say you have a graphic design software like LucidPress. You could launch a free font generator to allow users become creative and diversify themselves amongst the competition.

12. Out-of-Office Email Generator

Writing an out-of-office message should be an easy task. But when you’re busy and rushing through your to-do list, it can escape your mind and have you blank on what to say.

“I’m out until X, email this person if this is urgent.” It’s not going to put a smile on somebody’s face, but it gets the task done.

An out-of-office email generator provides personalized out-of-office email that includes the essential facts but in a non-generic way. 

Why should you create an out-of-office email generator?

If you’re going away or are out at a conference, and don’t have access to email, then having an out-of-office email message is incredibly useful to your contacts. Creating a free tool like this allows others to craft a unique response associated with their time away into their email and to the recipient.

Let’s say you’re working for a CRM company. From a lead generation perspective, you could consider launching a free out-of-office email generator to help others have a witty and engaging message.

Wrapping Up

There are many tools to choose from, and not all of them will fit your goal. 

This list is full of the best ideas. It’ll help you narrow down your selection and choose the ones that might serve you well and your audience.

To succeed in business, you need a steady supply of qualified leads. A handful of leads that turn into customers is worth more than a hundred leads that aren’t interested in doing business with you.

Lead generation can be an easy way to increase your ROI and greatly expand your clientele. And if you find yourself in need of new business, lead generation can be a helpful way to grow.

Do you want to be a place where you can get your content to generate more leads?

Now might be a good time to pause and make sure you have the basics of B2B marketing strategy nailed down. Our team put together a resource that’ll help you do precisely that, and you can download it for free.

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