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Foundation Welcomes Shaq Smith to Lead Talent & Recruitment Amidst Growth

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One of the greatest athletes of all time, Michael Jordan once said:

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Foundation’s mission to create content that shapes culture will be strengthened with the arrival of Shaq Smith leading our talent and recruitment efforts. Shaq’s commitment to teamwork, elevating culture and building high-performance teams using the perfect blend of technology and a people-first mentality is why this is a major win for Foundation. 

Shaq Smith and Ross Simmonds both received the Harry Jerome Award in 2019.

Shaq Smith brings over seven years of experience working in digital marketing and talent recruitment. The blend of expertise in both digital marketing and recruitment is the perfect fit for Foundation as a content firm looking to attract marketing talent from around the world. Shaq is also the founder of The Futures Program which has played a major role in impacting the lives of student athletes throughout Nova Scotia. 

As a remote-first company since 2014, Foundation has built a global footprint working with some of the fastest-growing SaaS brands in the world and industry leaders who have revolutionized their industries and verticals. Over the past few years, Foundation’s impact on clients has expanded beyond just creating and distributing content but also influencing and shaping the way they build their content marketing engine all the way from how they recruit & attract talent.

“Ross was always someone that I looked up to in my community from a business standpoint. To this day I still appreciate his vision of building a fully remote company, 6 years before the pandemic. When Ross and I got a chance to connect in Toronto for the 2019 Harry Jerome Awards, that’s when I knew one day, I needed to team up with him”.  – Shaq Smith

Foundation’s vision for changing the way content is used to shape culture is just getting started. Every day Foundationites have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s most ambitious B2B brands and work with some peers who are some of the brightest minds in the industry. As Foundation continues to grow, Shaq will be leading our recruitment and talent strategies and evolving the way Foundation attracts, retains and helps clients plan talent.

“The best benefit you can give a team of high performers is more colleagues that are high performers. Shaq and I have a long history and I’m excited to finally work more closely together and have a front row seat to watch the impact he’ll have here.” – Ross Simmonds

At Foundation, we continue to strive to build strong and lasting partnerships with all of our clients. We focus on building content engines that drive meaningful and measurable results all while maintaining transparency throughout our partnerships.

In the world of B2B and SaaS, this philosophy on results, trust and transparency has served our growth well. Our priority has always been to foster deep relationships, drive meaningful results with our partners, deliver and build a team of some of the best in the industry.

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