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4 Ready-To-Go Chief Marketing Officer Job Description Templates (2024)

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Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a daunting task for companies— that’s because it can go either way. 

The right CMO is the ‘captain of the ship’— carefully planning the route, assessing the hurdles, keeping the cash and inventory in check and safely navigating to the destination. When compared to the same analogy, a wrong hire can actually lead to the sinking of the ship—your company. 

But here’s the thing…

When it comes to hiring the “right” CMO, most companies often miss a basic factor…one that ensures you attract the “right” candidate to begin with…and that’s the correct job description and get the right cover letter and resume

More often than not, companies create job descriptions without taking into account their own growth plans and how a CMO will help them achieve the company’s end goal. The job descriptions are often “generic” and these companies expect to find a unicorn CMO who can do anything and everything.

This often backfires and leads to CMO churn. The graph below is proof: 

Authors Kimberly A. Whitler and Neil Morgan, make a strong point about CMO churn in this article published in Harvard Business Review. 

Any company can make a bad hire, but when responsibilities, expectations, and performance measures are not aligned and realistic, it sets a CMO up to fail.

To understand the root cause of the problem, Whitler and Morgan spoke with over 300 executive recruiters & CMOs and scouted through 500 LinkedIn profiles & 170 job descriptions to ascertain the reason for CMO churn. They found that more than 80% of CMO job descriptions referenced marketing strategy & implementation and brand strategy & customer metrics.

However, duties like pricing, sales management, PR, Ecomm, distribution & more, varied quite a bit from one posting to the next.

They summated this research by stating that “a great deal of CMO turnover stems from poor job design.” Whitler and Morgan state that a CMO’s role has to reflect the realities of the business and has to be well aligned with its challenges and goals; something that’s different for every company. They add “not all CMO positions should be the same”

Clearly, it’s time that the job descriptions for hiring your most important marketing hire is designed to win. We scouted through hundreds of CMO job descriptions across industries to get you a format that requires minimal alteration. 

The result? 

4 plug-and-play templates that are carefully crafted to match a company’s growth stage. The 4 templates that we’ve shared here are: 

  1. Early-Stage Startup CMO Job Description Template 
  2. Growth-Stage Startup CMO Job Description Template 
  3. B2B Ecommerce CMO Job Description Template
  4. Enterprise brand CMO Job Description Template

Each template is created by keeping in mind the key skills that are required by the CMO for each stage/category, and each template encapsulates the roles and responsibilities best suited for the stage/category. 

But before you jump on and start sharing the actual templates, it’s important to know how to really list down your company’s needs and then tweak the templates and make it your own. 

Let’s get started…

#1 Early-Stage Startup CMO Job Description Template 

There are different ways to define an early stage startup, but we like the definition put forth by Lee von Kraus, Ph.D.—an early stage startup mentor, in this article. 

Early stage startups are usually pre-money, bootstrapping the early development of a product. This involves refining initial ideas, building an MVP, setting up alpha testing and getting useful data from that testing.

Hiring a CMO or Head of marketing is important for an early stage startup because marketers are the folks who have the right skills to give shape to the founder’s ideas and design a go-to-market strategy for them. 

Here is a job template that can be used by companies when hiring a CMO for their early stage startup. Again, this template works best for companies that have not yet been funded.

What’s the opportunity?

As the Chief Marketing Officer, you will be responsible for defining and implementing our marketing and growth programs. You will be able to roll up your sleeves to get started and will have the resources to build a team, internally and externally, to help you execute on the strategy you develop. 

What will I be doing? 

You will work directly with our Co-Founder/CEO and taking full ownership of our online presence and customer acquisition programs. To be successful, you will already have experience building and running personalized inbound/outbound marketing campaigns to drive consistent sales revenue growth. 

Example work in this role:

  • Create and own the go-to-market (GTM) strategy for new products & features. You will set clear objectives and goals, research and define target audiences, develop marketing and communication strategies, and measure adoption. You will also conduct customer research and apply your insights to these and other initiatives.
  • Drive the evolution of our brand positioning, bringing it to life in a clear and consistent way that resonates with and motivates our target audiences. You will promote the company as an innovator to the press and public and oversee outbound customer-facing communications across our website, blog, and social channels.
  • Collaborate and lead across the organization. You will represent the voice of the customer within the organization, bringing your insights to cross-functional stakeholders across product, design, user experience, engineering, and executive leadership. You will also lead and mentor a growing team of marketers across a broad set of functions including product marketing, partner marketing, content, and brand.
  • Deepen relationships with key partners. You will nurture existing relationships with key partners, aligning on mutual goals and driving adoption through a variety of co-marketing efforts.
  • Build a marketing department. Identify talent needs, hire and manage a high-performing integrated marketing team.

What skills do I need?

  • Demonstrable experience developing and executing go-to-market plans for SaaS platforms, including targeted paid advertising, online and offline events, and content marketing (white papers, case studies, and blogging, etc.);
  • You are a self-starter, organized and self-motivated with the ability to define goals and prioritize your work;
  • Strong analytical and writing skills. You are comfortable with data and analytics, and you can clearly communicate your results and ideas.

Looks like the template you’ve been looking for?

We’ll send you an editable copy of this early-stage startup CMO job description template for you to make your own.

By downloading this template, you’ll also start receiving a few emails per week on B2B growth and content marketing.

#2 Growth-Stage Startup CMO Job Description Template 

The growth stage of a company begins late in the early stage. It’s at this stage that things really start to take shape. The team structures are more clear, the product has been tested and has started to bring in revenue. Clearly, there’s a lot to juggle for a CMO with the new range of demands and new product features being developed.

So what changes workwise? 

Donte Ledbetter, who has worked at both an early stage and a growth startup explains the difference in this essay on LinkedIn. 

Teams grow, ambitions grow, the stakes are higher, forecasts are more aggressive, investor expectations are higher, and the pressure gets heavier.

A CMO at a growth stage startup, therefore, needs to be smart with complementary skill sets. Here’s a template that can come in handy at this stage.

What’s the opportunity?

We are looking for a creative and analytical Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) that lives and loves the cutting edge of growth marketing but also has the brand front of mind. This person will be responsible for scaling current channels and generating new opportunities to grow the business. 

We need a highly strategic thinker who is also excited to execute unique campaigns that will allow the company to attract new customer segments. This is an extremely important hire for us and will lead to company-wide growth initiatives.

Example work in this role:

  • Define, measure and report the performance of all paid marketing channels/campaigns and assess against ROI and KPI goals including subscriber acquisition and retention.
  • Develop a scalable growth strategy through our direct-to-consumer channels while also evaluating other sales/distribution channels for our products.
  • Own and efficiently scale a multi-million dollar budget, allocating spending and optimizing a blend of channels to hit growth targets efficiently, while thinking long term and being resourceful.
  • Manage customer segmentation strategy and develop smart attribution modeling, ensuring we reach the right audience with the right message, at the right place and time.
  • Manage an existing growth team of 3, while consistently evaluating new ways to increase efficiency and grow the team.
  • Work with our analytics team to lead marketing data analytics and ROI analysis for campaigns and channels, defining CAC and LTV, while executing robust optimization and A/B testing programs.
  • Coach and develop and recruit channel managers, own communication across executive level and partner teams.
  • Partner with the digital product and engineering and data science to create differentiated solutions that leverage performance media and/or new innovations in marketing technology.

Who You Are:

  • Big picture. Growth at the company is holistic and expands far past just acquisition and performance marketing.
  • Brand-focused. We work hard to maintain a specific brand mission, this role needs to have that front of mind at all times.
  • Experimental. We are looking for non-traditional thinkers, tinkerers, testers, and artists.
  • Collaborative. This position will work across all departments, specifically creative, engineering, and finance.
  • Forward Thinking. You don’t only rely on what worked in the past, you prefer to see around corners and plan for the future.

Looks like the template you’ve been looking for?

We’ll send you an editable copy of this growth-stage startup CMO job description template for you to make your own.

By downloading this template, you’ll also start receiving a few emails per week on B2B growth and content marketing.

#3 Enterprise CMO Job Description Template 

Sailing the Titanic wasn’t easy, one massive hit and it was down.

That’s what can happen to your business if your Chief Marketing Officer lacks the experience and intelligence to handle the ever expanding business.

At this stage, you need a CMO who is able to effectively help the company expand in different markets as well as close enterprise deals at large.

What’s the opportunity?

We are looking for a strategy and execution focused Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who is a great leader and coach. This person has experience at high-growth B2B companies and is able to own all areas of B2B marketing, including but not limited to Product marketing, demand generation, content marketing, branding, public relations, analyst relations, channel marketing, marketing analytics, and events.

As a member of our Executive team reporting directly to the CEO, the CMO is responsible for the company’s core marketing strategy and shares the responsibility to drive growth.

Example work in this role:

  • Develop and lead the company’s regional marketing strategy and direct the execution of various marketing activities
  • Control the Marketing budget for all regions as well as conduct forecasts
  • Be the point of contact for all Marketing and Branding topics between all locations
  • Drive our digital marketing positioning (localization of Website, SEO, SEM, Digital campaigns)
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Conduct market research and personas to make better decisions on the respective region strategies
  • Execute online and offline marketing campaigns customized to fill and grow the lead pipeline with high-quality leads
  • Plan, organize and execute various marketing events such as prospect and customer events, conferences, exhibitions
  • Produce high-quality content for our customers such as market surveys, Webinars, Whitepaper, Case Studies, Blog, Videos, etc.
  • Measure the performance of all activities and campaigns, assess them against goals (ROI, Key Performance Indicators) and adjust strategy & activities to achieve them
  • Provide ongoing reporting, develop actionable insights, test and learn approach to new initiatives

Who You Are:

  • Visionary with a driven personality, not only highly analytical and strategic but also creative and hands-on in nature
  • Held executive leadership role at a 100m+ company.
  • Proven experience and success across all disciplines of marketing (product, branding, strategy, social media, communications, business development)
  • Strong understanding of inbound and outbound marketing for the enterprise, as well as “land and expand” B2B sales;
  • Demonstrable experience of positioning a company in a competitive market and winning market share;
  • Experience in both transactional and enterprise go-to-market models;
  • ROI-driven approach to marketing and strong attention to detail;
  • Clear, effective communication skills and experience in a collaborative, transparent, and hands-on environment;
  • Good eye for design and creative assets;
  • Low ego and high intellectual curiosity.

Looks like the template you’ve been looking for?

We’ll send you an editable copy of this enterprise CMO job description template for you to make your own.

By downloading this template, you’ll also start receiving a few emails per week on B2B growth and content marketing.

#4 B2B Ecommerce CMO Job Description Template 

The B2B Ecommerce space has changed drastically over the years and that’s why hiring the right CMO has become even more crucial for businesses than ever before.

What’s the opportunity?

The CMO will be a highly accomplished marketer with a passion for Ecommerce business and analytics. They should be able to identify compelling and impactful strategies that drive the company’s sales initiatives forward.

Example work in this role:

  • Implement the company’s marketing strategy and own the marketing budget.
  • In charge of achieving aggressive revenue and profit goals across all digital channels.
  • Directly responsible for conceiving and implementing successful marketing campaigns from channel, to ad unit, to landing page, to purchase experience, to lifetime value across all viable channels.
  • Directly responsible for tracking and improving key ecommerce subscription metrics: CAC, LTV, Churn, Payback Period, etc.
  • Bring strong analytical, big-picture thinking and leadership skills to develop marketing campaigns aimed at increasing loyalty, customer retention and the lifetime value of the customer. These programs must be delivered to the customer through the right channels, at the right time, with the best message to gain the desired results. The programs and campaigns should be tested and measured at critical stages to ensure maximum results.
  • Increase and maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities designed to increase the average sale per customer while growing and improving subscription enrollment.
  • Present and effectively communicate marketing strategy to the executive team and the board.
  • Evolve and enhance the company’s analytics and split-testing capabilities by using current tools and implementing new tools that will help identify critical information used to drive business decisions. Tools include, but are not limited to, platforms, data sources, and attribution models.

Who You Are:

  • 10+ years in high-growth, B2B e-commerce or SaaS-based companies
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, both in building teams and influencing company direction
  • Passionate about customer success and technologies that impact companies and their customers
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, both in building teams and influencing company direction
  • Established track record in spearheading successfully integrated product launches with measurable results
  • Strong analytical skills and passion for analyzing products, competitors, and market dynamics. Can quickly synthesize disparate data into a ‘position’ and craft messaging that connects with a diverse audience of stakeholders; including customers and executives
  • Demonstrated ability to dive into a product and become a champion and promote features, use cases, and value propositions to customers
  • A hands-on, “can do” attitude, and a drive for outcome focussed performance
  • Proven ability to analyze reports, dashboards, data, and other tools to make critical decisions and recommendations to help lead the company to achieve its objectives and goals

Looks like the template you’ve been looking for?

We’ll send you an editable copy of this B2B Ecommerce CMO job description template for you to make your own.

By downloading this template, you’ll also start receiving a few emails per week on B2B growth and content marketing.


There you have it— four ready-to-go Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) job description templates! Stop creating templates from scratch, instead give these carefully planned templates a try. All you need to do is copy the link. 

Take your pick from the list below: 

👉 Early-Stage Startup CMO Job Description Template

👉 Growth-Stage Startup CMO Job Description

👉 B2B Ecommerce CMO Job Description Template 

👉 Enterprise CMO Job Description Template 

If hiring a CMO is on your agenda for the year, you’ve got to remember that a CMO’s profile cannot be generic anymore; it needs to match your company’s growth stage and your business offering. 

And if you’re looking for some extra help with hiring or building out your own B2B marketing engine, check out our services & request a free proposal today.


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