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B2B brands today realize the significance of creating content but often lack the strategic edge.

For many brands, their content marketing strategy is limited to creating a couple of blog posts a month and sharing them on LinkedIn in hopes of generating leads and conversions. But a content marketing strategy is much more than that.

An effective content marketing strategy takes into account your business goals and target audience, exploring the content formats that work best for them based on their stage in the customer journey. A good strategy also allows ample room for experimentation and opportunities to unlock new growth channels.

What’s our approach?

Our team of content marketing strategists have years of experience building content marketing plans, creating high-quality content and embracing a process that is rooted in research, data and good ol’ fashioned conversations.

At Foundation, we follow three pillars in our work:


We don’t just leave you with assets and say “Good luck!” We help ensure those assets reach the right people.


Data is at the heart of our strategy development process, and we ensure that we’ve covered all the bases before we start giving recommendations.


Our final step in the strategy development process is, well, strategizing. We combine our industry expertise with our research to give you a plan of attack.

Why do B2B brands need a content marketing strategy?

It’s a more competitive world than ever before. B2B brands aren’t just competing within their industry anymore—they’re competing with the masses. Combine that with the fact that most buyers are relying on the internet to influence their buying decisions, and it’s become a necessity for B2B brands to embrace content.
74% of companies say content marketing increases leads and lead quality. (Curata)
Content marketing converts 6X higher than traditional marketing. (CMI)
On average, B2B influencers do 12 searches prior to visiting a specific brand's site. (Google)
56% of B2B marketers say ‘compelling content for each stage in the buying process’ is the most effective email lead generation tactic. (Statistica)

Our Digital Marketing Services

Content Strategy & Planning

Planning is the first step to creating a content marketing engine that generates leads and helps you achieve your business goals. You can be certain that our strategic recommendations go beyond a content calendar and will be the foundation on which you’ll generate results.

Content Creation

You don’t have to stress about creating great content when we’re on the case. We create content that ranks, gets love from journalists and leaves prospects and buyers itching for more. We will help you turn a mediocre blog into something worth bookmarking and sharing.

Content Distribution

You know your content isn’t getting the results it deserves. If you want your content to drive results, it needs to reach the right people. Our distribution services will help you and your team ensure that every content asset is shared in multiple channels to reach your target audience no matter where they are.

Content Marketing & SEO Audits

An audit helps you supercharge your content efforts using research and data. You’ll get the insights you need to create a content marketing engine that generates leads, facilitates sales, establishes authority and earns media coverage.

Website Design & Development

Creating a website that allows your customers to understand your value proposition and the benefit you offer them is critical in achieving your content marketing objectives. Your website is often the first impression a customer is presented after searching for solutions you provide.

Content Marketing Intelligence

You don’t want to be throwing darts in the dark. We pride ourselves on transparent communication, consistent dialog and deep reporting that will reveal how your content is doing, good or bad. You’ll have the data and insights you need to make smart decisions.


Are you trying to get ahead of your content marketing objectives? Are you interested in seeing what the Foundation team can do to improve your content marketing? Let us put together a tailored proposal for you.
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