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Foundation is a content marketing agency that partners with you for SEO-led creation, distribution, and content strategy.

We create content that will get you noticed, help you rank higher in search, attract organic leads, and establish your company as a trusted expert in the industry.

Content Value Compounds Over Time

Unlike traditional advertising methods set up on a pay-to-promote basis, setting up a content engine means you don’t have to keep spending for the results to come in.

With a content engine, you can create once but reap the benefits long-term.

If you use the right content distribution channels and share strategically, your content gets noticed organically and often. You don’t have to choose between content that benefits your audience and content that attracts leads; strategic distribution achieves both.

At Foundation, we specialize in B2B and SaaS content. We work with you to understand your brand and industry and use SEO-driven insights to get your content noticed.

At Foundation, we follow three pillars in our work:


We don’t just leave you with assets and say “Good luck!” We help ensure those assets reach the right people.


Data is at the heart of our strategy development process, and we ensure that we’ve covered all the bases before we start giving recommendations.


Our final step in the strategy development process is, well, strategizing. We combine our industry expertise with our research to give you a plan of attack.

Why do B2B brands need a content marketing strategy?

It’s a more competitive world than ever before. B2B brands aren’t just competing within their industry anymore—they’re competing with the masses. Combine that with the fact that most buyers are relying on the internet to influence their buying decisions, and it’s become a necessity for B2B brands to embrace content.
74% of companies say content marketing increases leads and lead quality. (Curata)
Content marketing converts 6X higher than traditional marketing. (CMI)
On average, B2B influencers do 12 searches prior to visiting a specific brand's site. (Google)
56% of B2B marketers say ‘compelling content for each stage in the buying process’ is the most effective email lead generation tactic. (Statistica)

Our Digital Content Marketing Services

Content Strategy & Planning

A strong content marketing strategy combines many different elements to create measurable, targeted, and successful marketing campaigns.

We build content strategies with strategic goals AND action plans to make those goals achievable. As part of this process, we identify your target audience, curate a list of top distribution channels, provide guidance on content measurement, share content repurposing recommendations, and more.

These are not your average content strategies. For example, we created and executed a content strategy for a CRM company that increased their total site visits by 1,230,000. You’ll see results too.

Content Creation for B2B Brands

When you’re new to content creation, it’s hard to know where to begin and how to set up your team for success. And even when you’re creating content regularly, it’s tough to figure out why it’s not resonating and what type of content your audience actually wants.

We take the pain out of content creation. Using research-driven recommendations, we can uncover the types of content that will work best for increasing site visits, leads, and conversions. Our content strategists work to ensure that all content is optimized to rank well in search, helping to attract organic leads around the clock 📈.

Foundation’s team of creators can write everything from long-form articles and white papers to thought leadership articles and social copy. And we don’t do it in a silo. Instead, we collaborate with you to understand your brand, your industry, and your audience, so we can develop unique content they genuinely value. 🚀

Content Distribution for B2B Brands

The content lifecycle doesn’t end when you press publish. One blog post can turn into a YouTube video, a podcast episode, an X thread (formerly Twitter thread), a LinkedIn article, and a summary on a relevant forum.

We identify the less-cluttered places where your audience is spending time and then put your content assets—new and old—in front of the people you want to reach. In doing this, we set all your new and upcoming content up for maximum success and revive all the great content in your archives that’s waiting for its second chance to shine.

Content Marketing & SEO Audits

An audit helps you supercharge your content efforts using research and data. You’ll get the insights you need to create a content marketing engine that generates leads, facilitates sales, establishes authority and earns media coverage.

Content Marketing Intelligence

You don’t want to be throwing darts in the dark. We pride ourselves on transparent communication, consistent dialog and deep reporting that will reveal how your content is doing, good or bad. You’ll have the data and insights you need to make smart decisions.

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