Content Strategy & Planning

Why hire Foundation to plan your content?

Marketing and B2B teams have to create the right content for the right place, at the right moment.

Determining how to reach your ideal customer at the moment they need your solution most isn’t about luck or just taking a shot at it. Sure, you can learn from trying and failing—and you should. However, a guess-and-check approach can be costly over time. Your organization has knowledge, your industry has research, your customers have opinions. Why not start there?

We work with your brand to understand your customers’ motivations and barriers and what they’re currently doing to solve problems. We collect this information from various sources and draw insights that shape the digital opportunities for your business.

What’s our approach?

Our content strategy and planning services are rooted in qualitative and quantitative research. We have to understand your business, industry and customers so that we can develop a content marketing strategy tailored to you. In some cases, we conduct research our own research; other times, we simply access existing information in order to understand the context of your business.

At Foundation, we follow a five-step approach:


We conduct research (both in-person and online) with customers, sales teams and industry experts and analyze your business’s competitive landscape. In some cases, this information already exists and we just need access to it. Regardless, we pair how customers are behaving online today with their pain points and solutions.


The research results in personas. Yes, there are personas in the B2B space. A lot of companies ignore this reality and just create content for a generic “ideal audience,” but we recognize that the customers you serve are real people. It’s important that your entire organization can describe their needs, perspectives and challenges with ease.


This is where you truly get to appreciate your customers and how easily you can help. Customer journey mapping uses research to illustrate what your customer is thinking, feeling and doing as they move through the decision-making process: awareness, research, evaluation, decision, validation and loyalty. By mapping the customer journey, we identify where your company is doing things right, where you could be doing more, what questions you need to be ready to answer, and when in the decision-making process your customer expects to find these answers.


You likely have already been creating content and connecting with your customers online, and we want to learn from it. Our audit uses the journey maps to review all your digital properties and deliver an analysis to you. This audit will be tailored to your business and could include an audit of your SEO efforts, keywords, paid media, website, social media, email, content and user experience. We also work with you to set benchmarks so you can gauge your performance.


It’s 80% execution with digital, maybe with everything. We pull it all together for you in a research-backed presentation, created by our team of subject matter experts. The plan covers each step of your customers’ journey and provides specific examples and achievable goals.

Are you clear on where your brand is going in 2020?

Complete the three questionnaires below (less than 30 minutes) to better gauge your understanding of your target audience, competitors and ability to craft a persona. We'll share the results with you and give you some direction on what you can do with the information you already have today.

How much do you actually know about your customers today?

Complete our customer research questionnaire in less than 2 minutes to find out where you need to start when conducting, collecting or actioning customer research.

Who is your biggest competitor?

Complete our competitive research questionnaire in less than 2 minutes to get your mind thinking more about competitors so you stay ahead of the pack.

Do you know enough to draft a persona today?

Think about one segment of your target audience and use our questionnaire to get your relevant persona content written. You might be surprised about how easy or hard these questions are to answer! When you are done, we will send you a copy of your hard work and a few tips to take it to the next level.


Are you starting to think about your content strategy and planning initiatives? Let's connect to see whether it’s something we can help you with.
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