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SaaS On TikTok: How CreatorKit Is Crushing the TikTok Game

Free Content

With nearly twice as many users on TikTok compared to X/Twitter, SaaS companies wanting to expand brand awareness can’t afford to ignore this vast and growing user base.

Yet three of the 10 largest SaaS companies in the world don’t even have TikTok accounts, three more have a meager 5,000 followers, and only two have a respectable 100,000 followers. Clearly, these leading SaaS companies are overlooking TikTok’s potential, leaving a wide-open field for others to capitalize on its expansive, engaged audience.

But not CreatorKit. They see the opportunity that TikTok’s monthly user base of 1.2 million people provides, and they’re fully committed to leveraging this audience. With over 86,000 followers, they’re ahead of eight of the top ten SaaS companies. 

CreatorKit is an innovative all-in-one platform for content creators that offers tools for graphic design, content creation, marketing, and e-commerce. Today, we’re diving into what makes their TikTok account different and how other SaaS companies can learn from their TikTok strategy. 

Committing to Content Excellence

It’s a lot easier to succeed in content marketing if your content is excellent. CreatorKit consistently publishes content that meets the four Es content framework to achieve content excellence:

  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Entertain
  • Empower 

We’ll break down how they achieve each of these and how you can do the same. CreatorKit’s TikTok is full of great examples of content content that meets each of the four Es. Let’s check a few out! 

A graphic describing the four Es of content


If you aren’t sure where to go with your content, lead with value. Give your audience some useful information that’ll make their day better, help them do their work faster, or otherwise achieve a goal. In return, you’ll see great engagement and appreciation for your content.

@creatorkit #stitch with @Julie UGC Creator You don’t need fancy set ups to generate professional product photos 🙌🏻 You can generate professional images in seconds with AI 🤯🤖❤️ (And believe me, you can’t tell the difference) As a Marketer, you should consider this tool to save time (and costs 😅)! Link in bio to get access to this tool ✨ #aitoolsformarketers #marketersoftiktok #aiformarketing #aiproductphotos #techtok #creatorkit #artificialintelligence #marketingtools #aitools #chatgpt #AIToolsformarketers ♬ original sound – CreatorKit AI Photos & Videos

In this example, CreatorKit educate their audience about a simpler way to get their desired background for product photography. The video takes advantage of a common TikTok trend by starting with a clip from another video. Then, they counter that tip with one of their own. This allows them to show a 30-second tutorial of their tool and include a CTA in the description to encourage viewers to try it out.

The immediate, obvious value of this technique, the natural ease with which they present it, and the clarity of the instructions all combine to make this great educational content.  

Not only that, they chose a real-life situation many online store owners — their target audience — find themselves in: Trying to create quality product photos without spending a lot of time editing. Touching on this specific pain point for their specific audience is no accident. It shows a clear understanding of their niche and empathy and understanding for their audience. True marketing excellence.  

Screenshot of CreatorKit Tiktok video

Want proof of that value? Over 37,000 people favorited this video. That’s often an overlooked statistic compared to views and likes, but it’s very valuable. It’s a true sign of useful content, meaning people will return to this video and view it repeatedly as they apply it to their work.


You have to grab the viewer’s attention immediately, or they’ll scroll past your content. That’s why a strong hook is essential for any successful TikTok. While hooks are important with any content medium, they’re especially important on fast-paced platforms like TikTok, which has an average video length of only 34 seconds.

But even when you get a viewer’s initial attention, you need to keep them from swiping down to the next video. One way to do that is by giving them informative content from the beginning. But how do you fit all that in with such a limited time? Here’s a great example.

@creatorkit To get the best ChatGPT answers you need to make the right questions 💡 Try these proven to work prompts and increase x10 your productivity as a marketer 🔥 #creatorkit #aitoolsformarketers #aitoolsforecommerce #ecomAItools #aitoolsforbusiness #aiforbusiness #techtok #artificialintelligence ♬ I’m Good (Blue) [Sped Up Version] – David Guetta & Bebe Rexha

CreatorKit does an excellent job of immediately engaging the viewer in the opening of this video. Let’s break down the first few seconds.

First, there’s the title, “ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing.” That’s the first value offer, since ChatGPT prompts are useful and challenging. Then the video gets straight to the meat quickly.

The rapid editing and fast-paced music make you feel like you’re getting a lot of information quickly — so it’s a good use of your time. The short pauses make it possible for people to screenshot the prompts, but aren’t too long to break up the video’s flow.

Offering value upfront and following up with even more value in the first few seconds is a promise to the viewer that your content is worth their time — and a strategy for truly excellent content.


But none of that will go far if your content is boring. 

Plenty of companies think they’re in a boring industry when actually they just have boring marketing. But not CreatorKit. 

They keep their audience entertained in several ways. First, by putting a real face on their content — the same person makes all of CreatorKit’s TikToks — which helps build a consistent brand and makes them more human. They also mix some fun into their educational content, even when it costs precious seconds. Here’s a great example:

@creatorkit Test your store right now in this AI video tool 🚀🙌🏻 Link in bio to give it a try for free! #dtcbrands #marketingvideos #AItools #marketingAItools #videoadcreatives #videocontent #ecommercetips #smallbiztiktok #tiktokads #creatorkit #ecommercetools ♬ Euro$tep – West

This video starts with the account’s manager syncing her countdown with the song that’s playing instead of going straight into the actual product instructions. It’s a fun way to entertain the viewer and then offer the content “vegetables” just a little later. Let your viewers eat dessert first!

CreatorKit even upload videos that don’t focus on education but are entertainment-focused marketing, which helps make their output feel lighter and more relatable.

@creatorkit Shhh 🤫🤫🤫 We’ll keep the secret of the tool that generates marketing videos in seconds #dtcbrands #aitools #tiktokbusiness #smallbusinesstiktok #ecomtools #marketersoftiktok #adcreatives #creatorkit ♬ dumb dumb – sped up – mazie

This one seems like it’s just for fun, but in that short clip, CreatorKit deliver a powerful message: With their software you can do your job better with minimal effort. There’s even the promise of recognition, tapping into deeper human desires. All that disguised as lighthearted entertainment. These guys are pretty darned smart! Not only that — the use of humour adds to the brand’s personality, making them more memorable.


Of the four Es, this is the one that a lot of brands struggle with. It’s easy to teach people about something, tell them to sign up for your newsletter, and even do it in an attractive format. But empowering them with a unique insight or a special resource can be trickier.

A great way to do this is by offering your followers the tools you use for your own success. That’s what makes this video so effective:

@creatorkit Increase your productivity as a content creator with these tools 💡🤖 Save time and make in minutes what’s taking you hours today (like get to good content ideas for your biz!) Which other AI tool would you consider a must as a content creator? 🤔 #aitoolsyouneed #aitoolsforbusiness #artificialintelligence #marketingaitools #techtok #AITOOLS #aitoolsformarketers #creatorkit #AIformarketing #marketingtools #contentcreators ♬ billie eilish not my responsibility – flwhney

None of these tools are a secret. But this person explaining exactly how they use them makes the advice immediately actionable and real.

Putting It All Together

When companies like CreatorKit apply all four Es, it increases the odds of their content going viral. Just look at their most-viewed video, which has almost three million views and 175,000 likes.

@creatorkit The potential of this tool is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Just know exactly what you want and describe it in the text box. Then just let the magic happen 🙌🏼 #artificialintelligence #techtok #smallbusinesstiktok #aitoolsforbusiness #aitoolsyouneed #marketingaitools #AITOOLS #aitoolsformarketers #creatorkit ♬ Sirtaki (Zorba the Geek) – LucasGitanoFamily

It’s educational, engaging, entertaining, and empowering. But as you can see, it’s part 15 of a series. That’s because even great content doesn’t go viral every time. 

To see if your posts are gaining traction, you can:

  • Track the views, likes, favorites, comments, and shares for each video
  • Compare how new uploads perform vs. older ones
  • Analyze the sentiments in the videos’ comments
  • Benchmark your videos’ performance against similar ones by other creators

The strategy is to apply the four Es, assess how successful your posts are, iterate on your successes, and use simple techniques, like pinning high-performing videos, so they attract even more attention.

Just a couple of viral hits can make a majority of your view count — just take a look at how CreatorKit’s top content quickly outpaces the rest.

A graph of the view count of CreatorKit’s top 10 videos on TikTok

So even when you hit all four Es, don’t despair if your first efforts don’t immediately get millions of views. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Finding Content-Platform Fit

But even great content needs to fit its platform. Whenever you start using a new platform, you have to know the culture and values of its users. Where Reddit will reject someone who appears to be selling a product, people on TikTok have no such qualms. 

However, TikTokers have their own norms and standards for what they expect from content. Here’s a quick list of some of the most important ones:

SaaS on TikTok norms

Some of these are pretty well-known conventions — using features like TikTok’s ability to add music is a great way to make your content immediately more entertaining. In fact, using trending music instead of original sound improves your engagement by 20%.

But some framing devices like “quick hack” or “POV” (point of view) are trends that require more familiarity with the platform to use them correctly. Here’s a great example of CreatorKit using a popular song and a common TikTok framing device to keep it entertaining even as they deliver instructional content:

@creatorkit Being a small biz CEO is tough enough without having to worry about getting the perfect shot. 🙃 Let CreatorKit handle the photography for you and create professional product photos in seconds ⏰ Link in bio to start generating your own professional product photos with AI #techtok #marketingtools #creatorkit #artificialintelligence #aitoolsforecommerce #smallbusinessowner #smallbiztiktok #aiproductphotos #ecomaitools ♬ Beyonce – AMARNI

Note the way CreatorKit uses hashtags. They’re an important part of TikTok’s search algorithm, and they help people looking for content like theirs find it. Some of the hashtags in this video have to do with CreatorKit’s product, such as #marketingtools, a more focused hashtag with 14,800 posts. Others are related to their audience, such as #smallbusinessowner, which is very popular, with about 3.5 million posts. 

Another, #techtok, is a little more obscure if you aren’t familiar with the platform (it combines “tech” and “TikTok,” get it?). But it’s also popular, with 1.3 million posts using it. For that reason, it’s worth looking at what hashtags related products and videos use.

It’s useful to note that they vary their hashtag usage between more and less popular ones. That means if a post goes viral, it could reach an even larger audience, but with CreatorKit’s follower count, it’ll at least do well in the smaller categories where they enter it.

CreatorKit embraces the TikTok conventions wholeheartedly. That requires no small amount of knowledge and skill, but it pays off with millions of views to their account from an audience of small business owners they want to engage with. That potential is what can make TikTok a marketer’s dream platform.

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