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Top 14 B2B Newsletters You Need In Your Inbox

Free Content

Have you ever read through an entire company newsletter? (And why not?)

Company newsletters can be stuffy. They can be boring and filled with information that really isn’t that helpful. Especially B2B. (No offence, B2B, because there are some pretty terrible B2C newsletters, too.)

Or they can be whimsical and filled with information you didn’t know you needed.

The whole point of a company newsletter is to give you valuable resources, update you on industry news, share some company insight or headlines, or just say hello and remind you that this awesome company still exists and how they may be able to help you. 

And if you’re subscribed to a newsletter that doesn’t do any of this, it may be time to have that awkward conversation and cut ties. It’s not me, it’s you. </3

This blog is going to show you 14 of the best B2B company newsletters that will inspire you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We’re here to help you find something new to subscribe to and liven up your inbox.

Top 14 B2B Newsletters (And Why They’re At The Top)

American Marketing Association

Like any 2020-powered marketing company, the American Marketing Association (AMA) is approaching its newsletter a little differently than we might be used to. My AMA Daily is actually an AI-generated newsletter that curates the best and most relevant content for you.

The AI gets to know what you like and don’t like as you click around AMA’s articles and resources, and then personalizes the newsletter to match your interests.

Yep, a robot has created one of the best B2B marketing newsletters. But don’t be so surprised—robots are taking over the world little by little.

Click here to subscribe to My AMA Daily and enjoy content literally made for you. 

Morning Brew

Read the Morning Brew newsletter and “become smarter in just 5 minutes.” That’s the value proposition of the newsletter, and honestly, I believe it.

Besides killing it on Twitter, Morning Brew is crushing it in the company newsletter game. Across all channels, they are really good at taking a ton of research, information and trends, and condensing it into easily digestible content. And, it’s witty AF. 

This is because they do a great job of prioritizing and organizing information.

Here’s a highlight sample from September 23rd:

  • Your Power Rangers mask doesn’t substitute for a cloth mask on Halloween.
  • Good news: With potlucks discouraged, you won’t have to suffer through Norm’s green bean casserole this year.
  • Invest in long underwear now. Thanksgiving dinner could be outside.

Yeah. You should subscribe now. 


Crowdspring is a design company. But you wouldn’t guess this after reading their newsletter.

The Crowdspring newsletter, released every two weeks, is packed full of information for young, fresh-off-the-ground companies. In a typical newsletter, you can find topics such as “How to lower costs” or “What to look out for when cold-calling.”

This is information that companies need. And I know I said the content is great for new companies, but it’s also useful for more established companies—there’s always a benefit to bettering your basic skills.

You can find their newsletter here (scroll to the bottom of the blog).


When you think “company newsletter,” you think “company news, updates or insights,” but Moz’s approach is a little different. The SEO giant, despite being well aware of their giant status, doesn’t typically pump their Moz Top 10 newsletter full of Moz-ness.

Instead, they feature external articles and resources from companies inside and outside their industry—content they think their audience will find interesting, informative and valuable. 

Which is pure genius from a marketing perspective.

I am way more inclined to subscribe to a newsletter that goes beyond what the CMO had for lunch.

Subscribe to The Moz Top 10 newsletter here.


The other SEO giant has a great newsletter as well. Ahrefs only posts one or two new articles per week on their blog. They’re all about quality over quantity.

So when they ship their weekly newsletter, they link the content produced in the past seven days … which is only one or two new pieces of content. That means Ahrefs is able to really drill down and give deep insights into these topics.

If you’re interested in all things SEO and digital, Ahrefs will give you the best information via their newsletter.

They’re worth hitting subscribe on. 


Before I even get into the brilliance of this newsletter, I have to point out that it’s called the MOOsLETTER. That is all.

Now let me ask you this: Think of all the emails you’ve read today—did you open them all on your desktop or laptop? Probably not. When I’m working on something and have 3,000 supporting tabs open, I am more likely to open a new email on my phone. In fact, 55% of emails are read on mobile devices rather than on a computer.

And MOO gets this, which is why they design their newsletters to be easily accessible on any device. Their newsletters are simple and eye-catching with fun GIFs. This makes sense coming from a print company—you need aesthetically pleasing designs to capture the attention of readers.

But don’t let that distract you from the content. MOO preaches industry trends before they’re even trends, and things to watch out for in the coming weeks, months and years. They have it down to a science. Plus, the newsletter is easily skimmable, ensuring you won’t miss a piece of insight or advice.

Subscribe to the immaculately named newsletter here. 


I do not like stuffy, business-y content. I am also in B2B marketing. And Sh!ft gets that. We are not sitting in beige rooms with grey cubicles wearing Pam Beesley-style cardigans.

We’re cool!

Sh!ft seems to think that, anyway, because their monthly newsletter is lighthearted while providing great insights and fresh information. It’s a nice breather from the stuffy content we’re used to.

The newsletter usually goes from an opening gag or joke to deep insight on industry trends (B2B and eLearning) and circles back to promoting useful resources.

Click here to subscribe to Sh!ft’s newsletter.


HubSpot seems to appear in all of my content. That’s probably because they are an industry giant and seem to have everything down to a science—including their newsletter. Let’s talk HubSpot.

Do you know the game Simon Says? Well, HubSpot is kind of like Simon. When Hubspot decides an industry trend is good or bad, everybody else in the industry seems to follow.

Which is why basically everyone has subscribed to their newsletter.

I’m not trying to be like, “Ohhhhhh, you’re not subscribed to HubSpot? Yikes.” I’m saying it because they seem to know the trends before they are trends. 

When a Hubspot newsletter pops into my inbox, it takes about 4 seconds to drop what I’m doing and go read it.

So yes, this is one newsletter I highly recommend subscribing to. 

The Middle Finger Project

Similar to Sh!ft, The Middle Finger Project is totally against the B2B grain. The author, Ash Ambridge, basically just yells at you once a week to tell you how cool, smart and badass you are. I mean, look at the company name.

This isn’t even a B2B company. I just thought you might need a recurring reminder about how exceptional you are. This newsletter can pick you up and give you a hug and a beer and send you on your way.

Subscribe here now.


Raise your hand if you love infographics… 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

I love infographics. I love charts. Graphs. Heat maps. Admit it—so do you. There is nothing better than a beautifully devised illustration of data.

And Statista’s newsletter is a smorgasbord of immaculate infographics, charts and data. Basically nothing else. 

I’m not going to lie—business data can be boring. Unless Statista is the one presenting it.

Statista creates analytical works of art. Each time their newsletter arrives in my inbox, I pause everything just to absorb the sheer majesty of it all.

And hey, you may even learn some trends. If not, you get to appreciate some colourful data.

Subscribe here. Subscribe now. *data emoji*

Lab Manager

I wish this monthly newsletter were more frequent. This is one of the only newsletters that speaks to B2B and lab science. OK, yes, it’s super niche. But it’s suuuuper interesting. Hey, I enjoyed chemistry and physics in high school, and I want to keep up with the latest trends.

Lab Manager offers laboratory news, health and safety tips everyone (science-oriented or not) needs to know, and technological innovations which are (spoiler alert) applicable to every industry.

So yes, you may not be in the science sector, but you should be getting this newsletter.

And you can subscribe here. 


The thing about GatherContent is that it comes from a real, live, singular human. And this human is fantastic at creating to-the-point content for all B2B marketers. His name is Rob (Robert Mills) and his newsletter is focused on branded content. Which we love.

Because at the end of the day, we’re just skimming the newsletters in our inboxes until one section catches our eye long enough for us to actually take the time to read the body. Am I wrong?

And with this newsletter, you don’t have to skim for something cool and worth reading, because the entire newsletter is cool and worth reading. It’s full of industry-related news from a different perspective (AKA, not your or your company’s perspective).

This newsletter is also very conversational. Don’t you love a chat where you don’t have to talk?

Me too—sign up for the newsletter here. 

In Progress

We’re always interested in learning more about… well, everything. If it’s marketing-related, or B2B-related, or even just business-related, we put on our glasses and get to scrolling.

Sometimes we have time to read an article in-depth when it comes across our desk (or monitor). Other times we don’t.

And In Progress understands this, which is why they created The Meta section. The Meta gives you brief updates on need-to-knows in the B2B world that you can explore further if you want. These quick hits range from external articles worth a read, webinars and digital conferences to get tickets for, and snippets of interesting news (that may or may not be related to the industry).

From the workaholic to the Sunday reader, there is content for everyone.

Which is good, because the content they are producing is valuable to the business people out there who put people before work, reminding us what the real world is like and what we’re all striving to achieve. Real connections and real wins.

Take a few seconds and sign up now, even if you’re busy—it’s worth whatever time you have. 


Litmus is an email marketing testing company. So by God, they better have good email newsletters.

Thankfully, they do.

Beyond their content, which is highly industry-specific and hones in on niche trends, their emails are beautifully crafted.

Instead of piling on the paragraphs, they highlight different topics and then include a CTA for readers to click and read more. After all, not every topic will strike every reader’s interest. 

This format allows for targeted content and gives the audience the skim-ability we all so desire.

Subscribe now and get informed (on what you’re interested in).

Foundation Marketing

Oh, I didn’t even notice that our newsletter packed full of industry news, free resources, and leader opinions made this list. *blush*

Just kidding. Yes, I had to plug our newsletter. This is one you won’t want to miss.

Why? Because every newsletter that arrives in your inbox is different. Every newsletter that we send you will have new resources, new insights, new ideas and new conversation starters.

And I’m not going to give you a preview of our upcoming newsletter. Because, to be honest, we create these newsletters right before they ship to ensure that the information we’re sending is seriously the most recent, accurate and up to date.

Subscribe to our newsletter and get all the latest on everything you care about.

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