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Databricks is acquiring Okera | Vol 135

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Welcome to Volume 135 👋🏽

Happy Thursday! 

We have some exciting news! 

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In this week’s email, we cover: 

  • 🤯 Databricks’ Okera acquisition.
  • 🚀 Content Ideas for Your Editorial Calendar.
  • 👀 What’s the latest in B2B SaaS this week?
  • 🧠 This week’s brain food. 
  • ➕ The best content across the web and job vacancies to consider. 

Let’s dive in.


🎧 Listen to Ross Simmonds talk about the circle of concern vs. the circle of control on the Create Like the Greats podcast. 



Databricks is acquiring Okera

Numerous SaaS companies are now exploring the potential of AI—integrating these tools into their existing workflows, so users can enjoy a more valuable experience. 

This month, Databricks joined the train, with its acquisition of Okera for an undisclosed amount. Okera is a data governance platform with a strong focus on AI, that has previously raised almost $30 million from investors like Felicis, Bessemer Venture Partners, Cyber Mentor Fund, ClearSky, and Emergent Ventures.

Databricks, on the other hand, is a $38 billion dollar data leader, with an impressive SEO moat. Apart from its great product, Databricks’ content marketing engine has contributed to its massive success. The company has acquired almost a million backlinks from high-authority websites such as Hubspot, IBM, and HuffPost.

A major driver of this traffic is Databricks’ glossary pages

This strategy has helped Databricks rank for more than 14,000 industry-specific terms, some of which have high search volume. Its competitor, Snowflake hasn’t had as much success with this strategy as Databricks has in the SERPs. 

Overall, the Okera acquisition further solidifies Databricks’ position as a top player in the data management industry. 

Even though Okera hasn’t had much organic marketing success, its technology provides improved data protection and regulatory compliance, which complements Databricks’ current offerings. Its customers can now tap into the power of AI to efficiently discover, classify, and govern all their data, analytics, and AI assets.



HOT OFF THE PRESS: 30+ Content Ideas for Your Content Calendar 

Figuring out which ideas will resonate with your audience and drive engagement in the long term can be challenging, even with AI tools to help. 

To make the process easier, Ross Simmonds rolled out a new course on LinkedIn where he shares over 30 compelling ideas for creating new content. 

Ross covers everything from different types of content to best practices for marketing campaigns, asset formatting options, and much more. Also, he breaks down how to deploy successful marketing strategies on your campaigns. You’ll learn about surveys, infographics, blogs, presentations, case studies, webinars, social media, and beyond.

If you’re ready to start creating content that truly resonates with your audience, head over to LinkedIn to take the course for free.


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👀 What’s the Latest in B2B SaaS This Week?

🏆Google partners with Adobe to incorporate Firefly and Express into its AI chatbot, Bard. 

💲Audiense has acquired Affinio, the audience analysis and social platform. 

🚀 Do you remember Deliverr, the company that Shopify acquired last year? Well, Shopify has sold it to Flexport

👀 Have you registered for MozCon yet? Ross Simmonds and other industry experts will be speaking at the conference. You surely don’t want to miss out! 

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🧠 This Week’s Brain Food

Have you heard about this cool feature on GitHub? If you take a picture of your food, their AI can show you how to make it using photos. Check it out here!

🏆 Hiring Brilliant B2B Marketers

🏅 Twitter Thread of the Week

My step-by-step editorial feedback process by Erica Schneider 

🎖️ LinkedIn Post of the Week

The key to unlocking growth in every content marketing program by Michaela Mendes 

🤳🏽 Nice Finds You Should Binge

🎧 What We’re Wired Into This Week:

Circle of Control vs. Circle of Concern (Create Like The Greats Podcast


This charcuterie board of insights is brought to you by me, Jessica Tee O.O ✌🏾!

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