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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Shape B2B SaaS Marketing | Vol 149

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Welcome to Volume 149 👋

Happy Thursday! 

In this week’s newsletter, we cover: 

Let’s get into it.

Looking for a marketing conference without the B.S.? 

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How Angi Uses Near Me SEO To Dominate the $506B Home Services Industry  

‘Near Me’ searches are a useful SEO strategy that many local businesses neglect. 

When these businesses tweak their websites to show up in ‘Near Me’ searches, it becomes easier for local customers to find them. This means more customers and more money for the business. One company that’s really good at this is Angi. 

Angi (formerly Angie’s List) is a NASDAQ-listed company that is the single go-to place for home projects, big and small. Its site gets 5.3 million people visiting every month and ranks #1 for super-competitive keywords like “plumbers near me” and “electrician near me” in the United States. According to Ahrefs, Angi ranks for 47,000+ “near me” keywords. 

We wrote an article explaining five ways Angi used this strategy as well as four other SEO strategies they used to dominate the SERPS. You should check it out

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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Shape B2B SaaS Marketing 

AI is becoming a bigger part of our daily lives, both at work and in life. 

You can see the proof everywhere. For example, ChatGPT, Jasper, and other AI tools now play a major role in many brands’ marketing strategies and execution. 

Big companies like Box, HubSpot, and Salesforce are also using AI in their products to stay relevant and keep their market share. The AI market might be worth almost $2 trillion USD by 2030 if things keep going this way and we rely on AI even more. 

So, what’s next for this industry? Should we worry about losing our jobs to AI? Is the talk about AI taking over jobs true? How can we get ready for the future? 

To help you understand and prepare, I wrote an article explaining four ways AI will change marketing, with insights from experts, and how you can prepare. 

Read the full article here.

👀 What’s the Latest in B2B SaaS This Week?

Google is changing how some of its rich results types are displayed on its search results page. Find out all about it here

Revenue operations platform Clari is acquiring Groove, a sales engagement platform, for an undisclosed amount.

X now allows creators who get 5 million views on posts within three months to earn money from ads. And you can take out your earnings when you have just $10 instead of waiting until you have $50 accrued.

Ignition is hiring a Head of Product Marketing & Content. Find out if it’s a good fit for you.

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🧠 This Week’s Brain Food

Some things that can make your life better might not feel easy at first, but they bring great rewards. To move beyond your comfort zone and keep succeeding, remember these steps:

  • Decide if an action is right for the moment.
  • Commit to showing up regularly.
  • Push through negativity and embrace the work.
  • See failure as a chance to learn, not a setback.
  • Let go of habits that aren’t moving you towards your goals. 
  • Celebrate your wins, no matter how little. 
  • Choose progress, not perfection. Take things step by step.

🏅 X Thread of the Week

If you run a small business, you’re wasting your time with SEO content by Amanda Natividad 

🎖️ LinkedIn Post of the Week

4 things to avoid when working with freelancers by Masooma Memon

🤳🏽 Nice Finds You Should Binge

🎧 What We’re Wired Into This Week:

Everything You Need to Know About Distribution — Create Like the Greats episode

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If you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas you want to see in this newsletter, feel free to email me at We’re always looking for ways to improve and make sure you’re getting the best B2B SaaS marketing resources. 

Have a great week(end), and stay safe!

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