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Why B2B Marketers Should Add Podcasts To Their Marketing Mix | Vol 93

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Welcome to Volume 93

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. 

  • Why B2B Marketers Should Add Podcasts To Their Marketing Mix
  • Steal Loom’s Billion-Dollar Product-led GTM Playbook
  • News Of The Week You Should Know



Can an AR filter really improve brand awareness? Why are streaming advertisements so loud? What do viewers actually think about shoppable ads? 

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Why B2B Marketers Should Add Podcasts To Their Marketing Mix

The podcast advertising industry will be worth over $4 billion in the next two years. As of 2021, its valuation hit $1.4 billion

So far, the industry has seen significant growth because of the investments made to improve ad tech. As a result, more B2B and B2C marketers are willing to part with thousands of dollars in ad spend to better target ideal customers and get more ROI. 

Beyond the industry’s valuation, the podcast industry has gained more popularity since the pandemic. Statista found that over 380 million internet users listened to podcasts last year. Also, almost 60% of US Consumers listen to podcasts. 

These numbers make a solid case for podcasting as a global marketing tool.  

The Drum recently shared an article that outlines four reasons why advertisers in Asia should use podcasting as a marketing tool. This piece is valuable because B2B SaaS marketers in the US, Australia, and worldwide can leverage these benefits. 

Here’s a glance at the four reasons:

  • You can use podcasts to create an immersive, captivating experience that attracts new listeners and turns existing listeners into evangelists.
  • You can make more meaningful connections with your audience, as they can multitask or unwind while consuming your content. 
  • Advertising via podcasts boosts your chances of standing out and being heard by key decision-makers
  • More and more people are listening to podcasts daily. Podcasting allows you to reach more listeners in your niche. 

If you haven’t already added podcasts to your marketing mix, these numbers should start the conversation in your organization. Thinking of where to start? 

Consider repurposing some long-form assets or social media posts into podcasts. You can also repurpose podcasts into different content forms like Zoom podcasts, audio carousels for Instagram, in-depth Twitter threads, LinkedIn posts, Quora answers, and more. 


Steal Loom’s Billion-Dollar Product-led GTM Playbook

Loom is one of my favorite tools for many reasons. 

An important reason why I love Loom is the speed and clarity it brings to every interaction. The tool is a breath of fresh air in the work world, where notifications and meetings can be overwhelming. Over 14 million users at 200,000 organizations also share this sentiment.

Currently, Loom is worth $1.5 billion, with its robust portfolio of use cases that includes sales prospecting, team alignment, product management, and more. 

So how did its founders go from maxed out credit cards to building a unicorn company that is now a verb in the remote work world? They leveraged a product-led go-to-market strategy. Instead of relying on its marketing and sales team to drive demand and revenue, the team relied on the async video messaging to generate both. 

If you’re a SaaS founder or marketer looking to land your first set of users or expand your product offerings and attract more users, you’ll love our breakdown on Loom’s product-led GTM strategy. You’ll learn:

  • Loom’s Initial Product-led Growth Strategy (PLG) 
  • How Loom Turned Early Users Into Evangelists 
  • Its Billion-dollar Shift From PLG to a Product-led GTM Model 
  • How to Create a Product-led GTM Strategy for Your Product 
  • What Loom Can Do Better 

If you missed reading this last week or need a refresher, we got you. Let’s dive in.

Steal Loom’s Billion Dollar Product-led GTM Playbook→


🤝Netflix chose Microsoft over Google and others to be its tech and sales provider for its new ad-supported streaming service.

🎯Reddit partners with Giphy to make conversations between Redditors fun & seamless. If you are an active Reddit user, you can now reply with a GIF in all subreddits. 

💰Over a year ago, the New York Times bought Wordle for more than $1 million and gained tens of millions of new users. Last week, Spotify acquired Heardle, a fast-rising Wordle-like music guessing game to support music discovery. 

💳Did you know Slack is altering its free plan and raising its monthly prices? If you are in the dark about these updates, here’s everything you need to know

🚀TikTok is fast becoming a Google and YouTube competitor in search. Nearly 40% of Gen Z prefer using the platform to conduct internet searches. 

👩🏽‍💻Foundation is hiring! If interested, check out our careers page to see which role best suits your expertise.


I stumbled on Tim Denning’s Quiet People in Meetings Are Incredible early this week. One key lesson I drew from the article is the power of observing and learning from quiet people in meetings. 

Most people favor the loudest in the room over the quiet ones. However, silence doesn’t always mean ignorance or fear. Neither does being the loudest in the room always equate to expertise. As much as loud people have their strengths in meetings, the quiet ones play a significant role. Being quiet can be an asset if done correctly.

Here are some ways Tim Denning recommends to help you embrace silence during meetings: 

  • Listen, take notes, and read the verbal and nonverbal cues in the room. 
  • Ask questions and note actionable points from the meeting. That’s how you return to your desk armed with solutions and ready to take consistent action.
  • Know when to speak up and when to shut up. That means every time you speak, stay on topic. Get across the important details in the shortest time possible. Refusing to dominate the conversation gives other people a chance to be heard, and you can also identify what is not being said.
  • Offer to take notes during meetings. That’s an opportunity to learn from customers and your team.

Finally, dial down your importance. Instead of dominating meetings with your ideas alone, encourage others to share, listen, and learn from their verbal & nonverbal cues. 


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