Content Marketing Strategy For B2B SaaS

We're a content marketing agency that helps B2B SaaS companies develop content marketing strategies that drive meaningful and measurable results.

Get Content Marketing Right Every Time

Take the guesswork out of content marketing. Foundation works with you to prioritize your content initiatives, develop written content that drives results, and execute distribution strategies that get your content seen.

We create the content strategies as a guide for achieving content results, addressing SERP optimization, asset prioritization, high-quality distribution channels, and more.

SEO Services

Without strong landing page copy, your website may be doomed to live so deep in Google results that it never sees the light of day.

We identify keywords your audience is looking for, determine the best page structure, and capitalize on opportunities to help a page rank for multiple keyword queries. Then, we create the pages, prioritize opportunities, and create templates to help your team get continued landing page ROI without wasting any time.

Content Audit Services

If you already have a library of content assets online but aren’t seeing the results you want, Foundation can help.

We comb through all of your content to identify opportunities for improvement, expansion, and results. We leave no headline unformatted, no meta-description blank; we verify that every page you have is working as hard as you are to achieve your business goals.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Services

Inbound marketing attracts people who are actively searching for the solutions you offer and connects you to higher-quality leads than outbound marketing methods typically provide.

We can help you maximize your inbound marketing efficiency by identifying the content you should create to answer your audience’s questions, provide valuable resources, and convert site visitors into leads or buyers.

Stop fighting to cut through the noise. Instead, let us help qualified leads come to you 💪.

Social Media Strategy Services

Each channel has its own set of best practices, requires a platform-specific strategy, and reaches a unique audience. Thankfully, you and your team don’t have to spend time figuring all that out the hard way because we’ve got you covered.

Foundation creates social media strategies that provide you with the structure, tone, voice, and approach you should use for each relevant channel. With these platform-specific strategies, we can help you increase content engagement, drive traffic to your site, and increase your chance at conversion.

Let Foundation build you a strategy that you’ll like and follow.

Are you clear on where your brand is going in 2023?

Complete the three questionnaires below (less than 30 minutes) to better gauge your understanding of your target audience, competitors and ability to craft a persona. We'll share the results with you and give you some direction on what you can do with the information you already have today.

How much do you actually know about your customers today?

Complete our customer research questionnaire in less than 2 minutes to find out where you need to start when conducting, collecting or actioning customer research.

Who is your biggest competitor?

Complete our competitive research questionnaire in less than 2 minutes to get your mind thinking more about competitors so you stay ahead of the pack.

Do you know enough to draft a persona today?

Think about one segment of your target audience and use our questionnaire to get your relevant persona content written. You might be surprised about how easy or hard these questions are to answer! When you are done, we will send you a copy of your hard work and a few tips to take it to the next level.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Your content should always be working, even when you’re not. We can make your content work harder for you, so it attracts leads, engages audiences, ranks in search, and drives conversions long after it’s published.

But don’t just take our word for it. See how our awesome clients described their experience working with Foundation and the results we helped them achieve:

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