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How Datadog’s Product Pages Teach a Master Class in SEO | Vol 170

Free Content

Welcome to Volume 170 👋

It’s Thursday again! 

In this week’s newsletter, we cover: 

Let’s get into it.


Datadog’s SEO Master Class

Want to know how to build a product page that’ll rank?

Just copy Datadog.

The company has the technical skills and the marketing know-how to drive effective, high-value traffic to these pages. Let’s break down how.

🌐 Datadog: A Leader in Cloud Technology and SEO

While the tech world buzzed with AI developments and corporate acquisitions, Datadog quietly but effectively revolutionized its approach to SEO. With over $500 million in quarterly revenue and a substantial customer base, Datadog’s journey is one of strategic brilliance, especially in utilizing its product pages as potent tools for organic growth.

📊 Understanding Datadog’s SEO Strategy

Staying ahead of SEO trends is as crucial as the technology itself. Datadog’s masterful optimization of its product pages for search engines is a case study in doing just that. Here’s a glimpse into what makes its strategy so effective:

Comprehensive Monitoring Tools: Datadog’s suite includes Application Performance Monitoring, Network Performance Monitoring, and more, all optimized for peak SEO performance.

Innovative SEO Techniques: From keyword optimization to dynamic content like videos and screenshots, Datadog’s approach to SEO is both creative and technical.

Impact on Revenue: By attracting high-intent visitors through SEO, Datadog has significantly contributed to its market presence and revenue.

📈 The Broader Implications in the Tech World

Datadog’s success story is more than just its triumphs. It highlights the vital role of SEO, especially for B2B SaaS companies. Its approach to product page optimization serves as a blueprint for others in the industry.

📝 Dive Deeper into Datadog’s SEO Strategies

Foundation’s Ethan Crump dug into Datadog’s SEO strategies in our latest case study, dissecting how the company has leveraged its product pages to dominate the search engine rankings and attract valuable leads. From its meticulous keyword usage to its exemplary backlink profile, the article covers it all.

✨ Stay Informed with Premium Content

Don’t miss out on this great new breakdown. If you’re already a subscriber, you can access the full premium article right here. And if you’re not yet part of our community, I highly recommend signing up today for the latest and most in-depth analyses in the world of B2B SaaS.


2024 State of AI in Marketing Survey Results Unveiled

Nearly 90% of marketers don’t know what AI is.

Okay, okay, that one’s fake. But there are a ton of real, fascinating stats we got from our 2024 State of AI in Marketing Survey. We asked hundreds of marketers for their opinions about the future—and present—of AI, and I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted what we got back.

For example, we asked them what they thought AI won’t be able to replace in the future. The answer to that question is where you should be putting your training and your human capital. Are you confident that you know what they said?

Well, you can be. Just take a look at the results yourself! We broke them all down in the Foundation Lab right here.

Introducing Foundation’s AI Marketing Console

AI is moving so fast that most people can’t keep up. They aren’t getting all the great features it has to offer because there’s so much there to learn about and practice.

We get it. We spend a lot of time trying to optimize our prompts to get the exact results we need so we can save time further down the road. But then we thought, “Hey, I bet other people could use these prompts too.”

So, we’re sharing them with you today.

That’s why we built the AI Marketing Console.

AI Marketing Console

It’s a full toolbox with 130+ tried-and-true ChatGPT prompts to help you create everything from landing pages and email drip campaigns to reports and customer research. 

Plus, it also gives you exclusive access to the following: 

  • A visual AI toolkit with 20+ video walkthroughs
  • Two keynote presentations on the state of AI in marketing
  • An AI content evaluation checklist to level up your outputs

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get full access to the AI Marketing Console and start building your AI skills now!

If you want more information on why we’ve created this offering, check out this video from Ross!

👀 What’s the Latest in B2B SaaS This Week? 👀

🍪 Google has started getting rid of cookies for Chrome users

🤖 OpenAI is launching an app store for GPTs 

⚖️ Google settled a $5 billion privacy lawsuit on tracking Incognito users

📈 Is there an IPO boom coming in 2024?

🎧 Learn How to Create Like the Greats 🎧

Looking to build out your company’s content marketing and distribution engine? Interested in learning how leading brands like Loom, Toast, and Calm create winning content? Or just want to hear conversations with the likes of Tamara Dworetz, Dave Gerhardt, and Dr. Julie Gurner?

Have we got the podcast for you. 

In Create Like the Greats, Foundation CEO Ross Simmonds discusses marketing, the creative process, life, and everything in between. Here are some of the most recent episodes you can catch up on: 

Kickstart your creative journey today by checking out the podcast on the Foundation website or listening through Apple and Spotify!

🧠 This Week’s Brain Food 🧠 

We’re back at it!

So, we’re all excited about our new resolutions, and we’re in that honeymoon period where we all think, “Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to keep going to the gym at 6:30 AM every day.”

And maybe you are. If you are, that’s great! Skip to the X thread of the week; it’s pretty interesting.

But not all of us are going to follow our resolutions perfectly. So, this is the best time to make a plan for if you hit a hiccup. Don’t just react on the fly—think ahead and consider what you’ll do when things get a little tougher. 

It’s important to do this when you’ve got a clear head, and you can think about the future, not when you’re hitting snooze for the fourth time and wondering if you should just give up on the gym altogether. 

Now, make a realistic plan for what to do if you start to stray from your resolution. Who’s going to help keep you accountable? How are you going to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Can you predict times when it might happen?

You can’t always make a significant life change by just waking up and deciding to live differently. Put systems and plans in place so that you can face down the difficulties this year will throw at you and still come out on top.

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🏅 X Thread of the Week

60 AI tools to replace your tedious work by Abhishek 

🎖️ LinkedIn Post of the Week

One of our programmatic SEO campaigns drives 12% of our traffic by Aquibur Rahman 

🤳🏽 Nice Finds You Should Binge

🎧 What We’re Wired Into This Week:

Bomba Estéreo live on KEXP

This marvelous marketing medley is brought to you by me, Chris Meabe!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas you want to see in this newsletter, feel free to email me at We’re always looking for ways to improve and make sure you’re getting the best B2B SaaS marketing resources. 

Have a great week(end), and stay safe!

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