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How ElevenLabs Rocketed to a Billion-Dollar Valuation | Vol 178

Free Content

Welcome to Volume 178 👋

Happy Thursday! 

In this week’s newsletter, we cover: 

Let’s get into it.

The Prompt Swipe File: Over 100+ ChatGPT Prompts for Marketers and Creators

In the last year, a new friend has joined marketing teams in B2B SaaS: Generative AI. Sure, plenty of brands don’t publicly state that they use it, but our recent survey found that nearly 84% of marketers are using tools like ChatGPT on a daily basis. 

It’s the marketers who build up the most experience with AI — who become true power users — that will stand out from the rest of the pack. We’ve got a resource to help you join that upper echelon. 

Our AI Marketing Prompt Swipe File is a comprehensive list of over 100 inputs to help you make the most out of powerful tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, and Copilot. These are tried and tested prompts that you can use for: 

  • Content and campaign planning
  • Podcast and video marketing 
  • Landing and webpage copy 
  • Email marketing
  • Thought leadership 

Download this free asset now and get access to 100+ ChatGPT prompts that will take your marketing to the next level.


📈 ElevenLabs’ Journey to $80 Million in Series B Funding

In our latest article, I broke down the success of ElevenLabs, an AI startup that’s made a name for itself with groundbreaking dubbing, translation, and text-to-speech software.

ElevenLabs just got $80 million in Series B funding that valued it at just over $1 billion. So I dug into how they got there: their product development, marketing strategy, and who they partnered with along the way.

Their product promises to redub videos in a foreign language while keeping the original speaker’s voice. That’s quite a promise, so I figured I’d test it myself by recording the same script in Spanish and English and comparing how the AI versions of myself sounded versus the originals.

Want to see the results? You’ll have to read the article.

But that’s not all. I also broke down their unique approach to marketing, which includes a wide social media reach, highly targeted bottom-of-funnel content, and a homepage that drives the vast majority of ElevenLabs’ traffic. 

Just look at this graph: 

Elevenlabs' volume and value of site traffic

The ElevenLabs homepage is driving roughly three times as much traffic as the rest of their site combined. That’s definitely a unique site profile, and it’s worked well for them.

 ✅ Reach More People with Every Asset ✅

Unlock the power of your content with Foundation’s distribution checklist. 

This resource is packed with over 100 actionable tactics to amplify your content’s reach and impact. The checklist gathers insights and strategies that have shaped successful content marketing campaigns. 

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Boost your SEO 
  • Improve social media engagement
  • Explore new distribution channels

This checklist is your roadmap to achieving remarkable results. Dive into the details and start transforming your content strategy today right here.


🤖 Unpacking Gemini’s Launch — What Happened?

Google’s stock just went on a wild ride because of its recently launched Gemini, a ChatGPT competitor. In the space of just a couple of weeks, it spiked to the highest it’s ever been and then dived into a $90 billion loss to the company’s total valuation. Just look at how Google (red) compared to Microsoft (blue) in the same time period.

A graph showing Google's stock's rise and fall

So what happened?

It started with Google’s announcement that Gemini would be an industry-leading chat AI that would integrate with Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and plenty of other Google apps. The possibility of these integrations got plenty of people excited, as did the quality of the model from a tech behemoth. That resulted in a 17.5% rise in the stock price from the launch date.

It also led to a sudden spike in attention. Just look at the rise in searches for the term Gemini: 

A graph showing the relative number of searches for the term Gemini

There’s a spike at the launch date, but what’s that rocketing interest closer to today?

Well, that’s probably for the same reason that Google’s stock price fell around the same time. About three weeks ago, Google added an image generation feature to Gemini, and reports started showing that its outputs were historically inaccurate and biased.

Diversity in AI is a complex thing. Generally, women and people of color are underrepresented in generative AI models. But in this case, Google’s own CEO described these errors as “completely unacceptable.” That resulted in Google pausing the generation of images of people.

All in all, this is a reminder of the risks of launching a product that isn’t ready for the public eye. AI models are tough to predict and even more difficult to direct, and that’s what makes their launches a high-risk, high-reward prospect for some of the most prominent companies out there.

Introducing Foundation’s AI Marketing Console

A few years ago, if someone said that mastering a single SaaS tool could save you 500+ work hours every year, make you a better creator, and increase your chances of landing a leadership position, you’d probably laugh them out of the room. Well, no one’s laughing now. 

Generative AI is projected to add billions of dollars to the marketing industry in productivity savings alone, and the vast majority of professionals in our industry are incorporating AI this year. 

Like all emerging technologies, there’s a huge advantage to moving quickly. Experimentation and research are key to building the skills you need to stay ahead. Unfortunately, these are also time-intensive processes.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of the AI Marketing Console

AI Marketing Console promotional image

With the AI Marketing Console, you get an arsenal of 130+ battle-tested ChatGPT prompts to help you create everything from landing pages and email drip campaigns to reports and customer research. 

Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to the following: 

  • A visual AI toolkit with 20+ video walkthroughs
  • Two keynote presentations on the state of AI in marketing
  • An AI content evaluation checklist to level up your outputs

Get full access to the AI Marketing Console, and start building your AI skills now.

If you want more information on why we’ve created this offering, check out this video from Ross!

👀 What’s the Latest in B2B SaaS This Week? 👀


📩 The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution 📩

If you’ve followed Foundation long enough, you know there’s one thing we always preach: 

D.R.E.A.M. — Distribution Rules Everything Around Me

It’s easy to forget about the critical role distribution plays in connecting your target audience to your content — from sales posts on LinkedIn to community hubs like Reddit and Quora. That’s why we’re bringing back this gem from Ross. 

A promotional image for the ultimate guide to content distribution

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to do the following:

  • Master the art of leveraging Owned, Earned, and Paid Channels for maximum reach.
  • Discover strategies to stand out in the content overload and effectively connect with your target audience.
  • Gain actionable insights on choosing the right distribution channels to boost brand awareness and drive conversions.

Check out Ross’s Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution, and transform your content to engage your audience and grow your business!

🧠 This Week’s Brain Food 🧠 

It’s amazing how much music can affect your work.

I don’t know about you, but I always check out the “Wired In” section at the bottom of this newsletter — when I’m not writing it, that is. That’s because the music I listen to while I work can change how quickly I’m writing and whether I hit the right tone.

One of our clients requires a slightly more assertive tone. When I write for them, I listen to bands like Idles. If a piece requires a little more creativity, I might listen to Funkadelic. For a more calm tone, I’ll go for someone like Lianne La Havas. I’ve noticed that it changes the way I write pretty dramatically, and I’d recommend that you also experiment with this.

Think about what mood you want to be in before an important meeting, during crunch time on a project, or when you’re getting started for the day. What music will help you set that tone? Then, don’t be afraid to hit “skip” if something will take you off your tempo.

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🏅 Twitter/X Thread of the Week

Marketing models to remember by Joshua Pi’Rwot Greg Isenberg

🎖️ LinkedIn Post of the Week

How a random wrestling fan predicted Trump’s victory in 2016 by Enzo Carletti

🤳🏽 Nice finds You Should Binge

🎧 What We’re Wired into This Week

C. Tangana: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

This marvellous marketing medley is brought to you by me, Chris Meabe.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas you want to see in this newsletter, feel free to email me at We’re always looking for ways to improve and make sure you receive the best B2B SaaS marketing resources. 

Have a great week(end), and stay safe.

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