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What Is MoFu (Middle Of Funnel)?

Middle of Funnel, or MoFu, refers to content created for, or marketing actions performed during, the middle section of the buyer’s journey. It’s named in reference to the middle of an organization’s sales funnel. Some examples of MoFu include data sheets and webinars.

If Top of Funnel is used to get potential customers interested in your company’s offering, MoFu is the material you use to convince them that it is the best solution for their specific needs or pain points.

Types of MoFu Techniques

This stage of the sales funnel is where potential customers are going to want to learn the specific ins and outs of your offering. As a result, MoFu is generally more data-driven and focused on solving specific problems than ToFu, though it also serves as an opportunity to share information on more technical or sophisticated topics related to your solution.

If your ToFu is a basic explanation of how a car engine works, your MoFu could be a more in-depth investigation of the various parts that comprise the engine.

Similarly, you may wish to contrast how different brands of engines work, offering comparative research and saving the prospect the time they would have used to do the research themselves.

Additionally, showing how a product or service has helped other organizations goes a long way in informing and convincing potential customers, which is why case studies, demo videos, and testimonials are great forms of MoFu.

How to Make Great MoFu

Think of the last time you considered a purchase for yourself – you likely learned things you didn’t know about the product category, investigated the specifications, read reviews, and came to your own conclusion.

It’s also very unlikely that you were able to do all that with one website visit or piece of content.

The same is true for MoFu. The lead nurturing process can often take a very long time, and it’s important not only that different types of resources are available, but that those resources fill in different pieces of the sales puzzle.

Every piece of MoFu content should be focused on one of the following goals: 

  1. Inform and educate the prospect about your specific offering. Help them understand what it is, how it works, and why it is different from the solutions of your competitors.
  2. Clearly show how your solution addresses their pain points. For all of the good that documentation does, experiencing how something works can be transformative.
  3. Alleviate worries and concerns. Implementing a new solution can be a big, scary thing, and the prospect may have some challenges that they hadn’t considered, or some objections unique to their company.
  4. Persuade and convince them to purchase. Remember that you are not selling an offering, but rather something that will help make their lives easier.

If you already have a solid base of relevant and popular materials, consider looking over customer questions and data and create resources for fringe cases. You can’t account for every plausible scenario in which a customer may approach you, but having material applicable to more unique situations immediately helps to build a relationship.

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