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Instagram Helps Creators Generate Monthly Revenue | Vol 57

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Welcome to volume 57!

As the year winds down, it’s common to reflect on our decisions and how they impacted the bottom line. 

Some decisions may have resulted in major success, while others may have fallen a little short of your goals.  

You shouldn’t condemn yourself and your team for any losses incurred during the year. Instead, you should identify and celebrate wins, no matter how small. Especially after the never-ending chaos that has influenced the past few years.

You should also acknowledge exactly where you fell short and your role in it. Then identify what you can do better in the new year, and set new goals. 

This year, companies like Facebook suffered setbacks that resulted in big wins for their competitors. 

Some others celebrated success. Tesla, for instance, hit a $1 Trillion valuation, making it the fifth company to ever record such a great feat.

Before we jump right into the exciting bits we have to share, here’s a peek at what’s to come:  

Tesla Hits $1 Trillion

Tesla wasn’t built in a day. 

Like Rome, it took 18 years of hard work, commitment, persistence, and innovation for Tesla to create something revolutionary. 

All that hard work paid off in 2020 when Tesla’s share price surged 740%

And it got even better. Tesla’s shares jumped 12.6% higher last month, making the company worth $1 Trillion.

Tesla’s success is the result of its laser-focused drive to create a compelling product its target users can’t resist. 

Unlike its competitors, the automaker took the non-traditional approach: creating a car that would generate a demand for electric vehicles. 

Like Slack, Tesla took the product-led approach. 

The company focused on creating a product their target audience would love: a super-fast, luxury sports car. As a result, they sold approximately 2,500 Tesla Roadsters before production ended in January 2012. 

Tesla also focuses on delivering the best possible customer experience. 

They avoided relying on salesmen who often cared more about boosting their commission than they do about customer needs/goals. Instead, the company leverages content marketing to educate prospects and make the buying process seamless.

A typical buyer can find all the information they need to know about their car choice on their website, including pricing. 

Tesla Model S

The prospect can also design your model, place an order, configure the car, and schedule pickup online. You can also request to test drive on the website, and an appointment will be set up for you. 

Tesla Touchless Test Drive

The entire process from info gathering to delivery saves time and satisfies the customers. No wonder Tesla records the highest customer loyalty of all car brands with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 90%.

A healthy customer obsession can be the difference between you and your competitors. 

If you focus more on learning about and building products that help users achieve their goals, you’ll attract the right partners/investors, increase your customer base, and boost your profit margin.

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla’s shares jumped 12.6% higher last month, making the company worth $ 1 Trillion.
  • Tesla’s success is the result of its focus on creating a compelling product its target users can’t resist and ensuring the best possible customer experience.
  • B2B founders and marketers can succeed in their marketing efforts if they focus on learning about and building products that help users achieve their goals.

Instagram Tests Creator Subscriptions

Instagram Creator Subscriptions

Instagram is testing a creator subscription feature so that users can pay a monthly fee to access their favorite creator’s exclusive content. Creators can now earn money on the Facebook-owned platform, or whatever they are calling themselves now.

The Instagram app for iOS was recently updated with new in-app purchases named “Instagram Subscriptions” in the US and India, with prices ranging from $0.99 to $4.99.

Instagram Subscription Purchase Levels

Some Instagram users also tweeted about the new in-app purchase option appearing in the UK. 

This is big news for creators, especially those with a substantial number of engaged followers.

When the subscription feature rolls out fully, fans can pay the small, monthly fee to gain exclusive access to their favorite creators’ content. 

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram is testing creator subscription features so that fans can access their favorite creator’s exclusive content for a small monthly fee. 
  • When the subscription feature rolls out fully, fans can pay the small, monthly fee to gain exclusive access to their favorite creators’ content. 
  • Creators can now earn money directly from Instagram, instead of relying on brand deals or other sponsorships. 

Twitter Adds A Paid Subscription Too 

Twitter’s subscription-based service, Twitter Blue, launched in June 2021 in Canada and Australia via iOS.

And now, it is available in the U.S. and New Zealand to iOS, Android, and Web users for $2.99 a month.

If you’ve ever sent out a tweet, noticed a typo seconds after posting, and wished for an “undo” button, Twitter Blue just answered your prayer.

With the undo feature, you can recall tweets before they go out into the world. You just have to catch the typo within 60 seconds! Undo Tweet Twitter Blue

For those who love to get their news from Twitter, you can now read ad-free articles on participating sites with Twitter Blue. Ad-Free Articles Twitter Blue

The ad-free news feature uses features from Scroll, the subscription service Twitter acquired in May. 

Twitter Blue also makes it easy for you to find read-worthy articles. 

Their Top Articles gives you a roundup of the most shared articles from the people you follow, and it updates every 24 hours. 

Unlike our Thursday roundup newsletter, the roundup won’t be an email. Instead, you can access it on Twitter via their app or on desktop.

Of course, the goal is not to build a loyal audience on a rented platform. Instead, you can use Twitter to build a relationship with your followers using consistently great content and invite them to join your email list.

Key Takeaways

  • Twitter’s new Undo feature lets you recall tweets before they go out to the world and fix typos within 60 seconds of sending. 
  • Twitter Blue’s new Top Articles feature gives users a roundup of the best articles from people they follow
  • B2B Marketers can now use Twitter to build a relationship with your followers using consistently great content and invite them to join your email list.


🖥 Amazon.com Inc. launched Tiktok on its Fire TV streaming-TV devices. 

👩‍💻 Twitter rolls out profile search feature to help you find Tweets faster

🗣Rumor has it that WhatsApp may be building a community feature


And more…


Impostor Syndrome is no stranger to high achievers.

It’s the dreadful, nagging feeling that sneaks up on you each time you’re presented with an opportunity to showcase your expertise. Or when you achieve a major milestone that attracts the attention and praise of others. 

You feel like you’re not good enough, and someday, everyone would see that they made a mistake choosing and trusting you. 

The problem with Impostor Syndrome is that success doesn’t take the feeling away. The more you accomplish great things, the more you feel like a fraud. 

Here are three ways you can deal with impostor syndrome:

📞 Reach out to someone who’d remind you of how great you are. 

That trusted someone could be a friend, partner, spouse, or anyone willing to lift you in those moments. 

🗃 Keep a record of personalized customer testimonials. 

Marie Forleo calls it a hype file—a list of compliments from customers and people you’ve helped in the past. The next time the impostor feeling shows up, you can open the hype file and read those words aloud to remind yourself. 

📈 Track your successes, failures, and what you’ve learned from them. 

Tracking these metrics helps you appreciate your progress, avoid complacency, and keep the fear of failure from holding you back. 

When you see how much impact you’ve made in the lives of others (and how you’ve evolved), it will encourage you to keep pushing forward. 


How to find the right customers, readers, listeners, and social followers by Amanda Natividad


You’re Gonna Be OK by Brian & Jenn Johnson

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