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Make 2024 the Year You Create Like the Greats

Free Content

When you think of the word “creator,” what comes to mind for you?

Musicians, artists, authors, architects, entrepreneurs — these are some of the more obvious jobs we’ve come to associate with creation. It’s the same Ross used to give before he first came across this paradigm-shifting quote from Steve Jobs:

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people who are no smarter than you.” 

Through this lens, he realized that being a creator extends much further than artists to include everyone from software developers and marketers to landscapers and interior designers. 

That realization form long ago has brought him to the crux of his new podcast: 

Anyone and everyone has the potential to create something meaningful.

In Create Like the Greats, Ross dissects prominent individuals, brands, and even his own personal practices to help you overcome the major hurdle that trips up most people on their journey to becoming a creator—the creative process.


Breaking Down the Creators who Shape Culture in Tech and Beyond

Create like the Greats is Foundation’s latest foray into the sweet science (and art) of culture-shaping content. 

You’ve likely looked through our renowned case studies once or twice and might even receive our weekly newsletter, but the podcast lets you dive deep on the creative process—whenever and wherever you want. And what better way to understand this process than by pulling back the curtain on the strategies of major brands and personalities across the industries. 


Here’s a quick look at the first few episodes of Create Like the Greats

1) How MasterClass Created a $2.8B EdTech Empire

In the first episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross explores the success behind one of the most influential tech companies of the last decade: 


From writers and artists to marketers and entrepreneurs to gardeners and chefs, the EdTech platform inspires people all across the creative spectrum. Ross unpacks the journey, and  highly-effective marketing strategies, that transformed this brand from a simple idea to a content powerhouse worth nearly $3B.

Ross also covers a unique marketing strategy that you can leverage to stay two steps ahead of your competition. 

  • Understanding the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
  • Using Video to improve SEO-Driven Content 
  • Tips for Balancing Inbound and Outbound Marketing 
  • Capturing Attention and Using it to Improve Sales 
  • Leveraging Reactive Storytelling 

Check out the first episode of Create Like the Greats here.


2)Thinking About Death Can Free Up Your Creative Process

Sometimes inspiration comes in unexpected places. Articles like this one about palliative care nurses who list the most common regrets of people on their deathbed, are a perfect example of this. 

We often get distracted by the urgency of our day-to-day lives and forget that we’re all living on borrowed time. Taking a moment to reflect on this fact, and taking advice from those who came before us, helps put in perspective so many things—from our relationships with loved ones to the creative endeavors we perpetually put off. 

In the first journal entry episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross dives into these common deathbed regrets to reveal liberating, inspirational messages underneath:

  • I wish I had the courage to live a life that was true to myself
  • I wish I had the courage to express my feelings
  • I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends 
  • I wish I would have let myself be happier 
  • I wish I didn’t work so hard

Check out the first journal entry from Create Like the Greats here.

3) Deconstructing Adobe’s Massive $500B SEO Moat

How exactly does a company build a tailwind on the wings of a great disruption? Adobe provides the perfect case study. 

The software giant has successfully navigated numerous shifts and emerging competitors within the industry while maintaining a loyal core audience. Their success is particularly impressive when you consider that they’ve been breaking their revenue record every year since 2015.

In the second full-length episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross covers the 4 pillars underpinning Adobe’s success:

  1. Their Business Pivot 
  2. Their Community Building  
  3. Their User Generated Content 
  4. Their SEO Strategy 

Check out episode 2 of Create Like the Greats here.

4) Leverage Your Time with these 7 Productivity Tools

Whether you’re a marketer, writer, designer, or cook, there’s only one resource that truly matters to you: 

Time. Or, more specifically, how you use your time. 

Is your day eaten up by administrative, manual tasks or are you free to perform the deep work you need to succeed. 

In the second journal entry of Create Like the Greats, Ross shares his top 7 productivity tools that ultimately put time back in your day so you can create something great: 

  • Fancy Hands 
  • MarketerHire 
  • Loom 
  • Magic Studio 
  • Timebolt 
  • Chat GPT-3 
  • Sheet+

Check out journal entry  2 of Create Like the Greats here.

5) Creating Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions (and Other Habits)

New Year’s Resolutions are probably one of the most contentious topics out there, with people staunchly positioned as for or against. 

But while we may disagree on the usefulness of these resolutions, we all need to create and sustain new habits — or they’ll be created for us unintentionally. Call it what you want, but we all need control over day-to-day behavior. 

In the third journal entry episode of Create Like the Greats, Ross goes over his goals for wealth, health, community, personal relationships, and family in 2024 and, most importantly, how to sustain them.

Check out journal entry 3 of Create Like the Greats here.

What Creators Do You Want to Know More About?

Here’s another secret that separates the best creators from the rest:

They aren’t afraid to use the wisdom of the masses. 

With Create Like the Greats, we want to focus on topics that matter to you,  so make sure you Reach out to Ross on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn and tell us which creators you want to hear about!

Subscribe to Create Like the Greats on Spotify or Apple Podcast Today!

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