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Reddit Statistics For 2024 (Demographics, Usage & Traffic Data)

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Are you looking to grow your marketing outside the traditional social media platforms? 

Have you thought of using Reddit?

Reddit is a social sharing website, built around users submitting text, images, and videos, which others can vote on. Popular content rises to the top, while content that is downvoted (e.g. less popular) becomes less noticeable. 

It’s also divided into smaller communities called subreddits. A subreddit is a board dedicated to a certain topic. Each one begins with, such as

But first, you should know how to use Reddit for marketing. While marketing on any social platform happens when you provide good value to your audience, Redditors are good at spotting marketers. You must be prepared, and understand how to provide value, to the Reddit community—or you might just get banned.

In this post, I am going to share 37 Reddit stats you can use to boost your marketing strategy and help you choose the tactics worth using.

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Let’s dive in!


Reddit Content Stats

What Types Of Posts Perform The Best On Reddit?

1. Top Reddit Posts Are Under 120 Characters

  • Before you post to Reddit, you have the option of adding a title. With all the subreddits the Foundation Marketing team analyzed, it was found that posts with titles of 60-80 characters generated more upvotes. Whereas titles with more than 120 characters, or shorter than 20 characters, performed the poorest. 

2. Posts With Questions Receive The Most Comments 

  • With Reddit, there are three forms of engagement marketers should pay attention to: upvotes, clicks, and comments. That being said, different types of content can generate various results. For example, a title that asks a question is more likely to produce two times more comments than a title that’s phrased as a statement.

3. Posts Without Questions Receive More Upvotes

  • Content shared on Reddit, that does not ask a question, receives more than 1,000 upvotes over content that includes a question.

 4. External Links are the Most Popular Type of Content

  • Links drive the most engagement for Reddit. Users rely on Reddit to discover new brands, websites, tools, and content related to their interests. Upvotes give users the opportunity to filter through the noise and browse through a feed of quality content. However, the popular posts with links, produced over 16,000 more upvotes than the popular text posts.

5. Videos are the Most Upvoted External Links

  • While links are popular on the platform, it should be noted that not all external content is produced equally. A post can link to a website, a photo-sharing site (e.g. Imgur) or a video-sharing site (e.g. YouTube or other multistream platforms.). Videos on average create the most upvotes, followed by photos. Thus, the top photo and video posts created over 10,000 more upvotes than links to websites.

  • One of the key insights learned about the platform is how different each subreddit is. The style of content that does well in one subreddit, might not work well in another. So, our team decided to break down some of the insightful title and topic trends associated with the most popular subreddits. And we happened to find insights to the following:

6. /r/DataIsBeautiful Subreddit is a Changing Landscape

  • One of our favorite subreddits is /r/DataIsBeautiful. It’s dedicated to data visualization and information that is made into graphics and animations. The chart below shows the content that users are likely to engage within the subreddits when it comes to terms found in the original content. 

An excellent example of data visualization is in this graph, which vividly illustrates the sustained popularity of working remotely, even beyond the pandemic. This assertion is reinforced by the abundant personal accounts shared by users in the comments section.

7. New Research and Information Rules Science Subreddits are Popular

  • Curious about the future? Then the /r/Futurology subreddit is for you. Our team examined the top headlines in this subreddit and found that users are interested in technological and human breakthroughs. The three most popular words have a theme: “the first time” and “for the first” showed up 10 times, followed by “a new study” showing up six times.  In the /r/Futurology subreddit, you’ll discover hundreds of other posts with this format.

8. “If You Have” is the Most Popular Headline Phrases in the /r/LifeHacks Subreddit

  • Users in the subreddit /r/LifeHacks are determined to find shortcuts that make day-to-day life simpler. The following diagram shows the most popular phrases from headlines in this Subreddit and illustrates what kind of “life hacks” users are most curious about:

9. “What is The” is the Most Popular Phrase in the /r/BigSEO Subreddit

  • What about marketing subreddits such as /r/BigSEO? Here are some of the common phrases in /r/BigSEO that receive high engagement through comments and upvotes: 

And here are the most common words from /r/Marketing:

10. “This is What Happens When One Company Owns Dozens of Local News Stations” Received the Most Upvotes in 2018

  • This dataset shows the most popular posts on Reddit from 2018, with the number of upvotes a post received. In fact, it’s one of the most used and loved community platforms in the world, with 15% of Americans saying that they can’t live without Reddit. The video titled “This is what happens when one company owns dozens of local news stations” was the most successful post on Reddit, with 313,000 upvotes from users.

11. 70% of Reddit Video Views Come From Mobile

  • Video has become a big hit for Reddit, with much of this video viewing happening on mobile. In 2018, 70% of all video viewing for Reddit happened on mobile devices. And those who consume video on Reddit, spend almost twice as much time on the platform than others.

12. More Than 50% Of The Content In Top Subreddits Are Links

  • A big part of Reddit are the links with more than 50% of the content in the top Subreddits coming from links. Users depend on Reddit to find new content, websites, and resources, similar to their interests. Reddit’s upvotes allow users to filter through the content they don’t want and browse through a curated feed.
  • Plus, web design statistics show that well-structured and visually engaging links shared on platforms like Reddit can significantly boost user engagement and click-through rates. When designing content for Reddit posts, incorporating eye-catching graphics and clear call-to-actions can attract more users to explore the linked content.

13. 21 Billion Average Screen Views Per Month

  • In Reddit’s Year in Review, they found that users average 21 billion screen views a month. This shows that users are spending a considerable amount of time engaging with content on Reddit.

14. Reddit Has One Billion Native Video Views Per Month

15. Reddit Has Seen a 38% Growth Rate for Video

  • Since 2018, Reddit has seen a 38% growth rate for video content. Since launching hosted videos, Reddit has seen a quarter of those videos use their native player, surpassing YouTube links. With this, it means it’s the dominant way users are viewing and posting videos. As more accounts post video it is important to ensure you are releasing scroll-stopping video content

16. Reddit Saw a 43% Increase for Health & Fitness Content

  • Reddit is the place to be if you’re into health and fitness, shown through their 43% increase from 2017 to 2018. The platform is a conscient resource for this content, and the categories only continue to grow. From veganism to the Keto Diet to skincare, Reddit is full of this type of content. This presents an excellent opportunity for users and businesses to participate in the conversation.

17. Reddit Users On Health & Fitness Subreddits Spend 15X More Time On The Community

  • If you’re looking for health-conscious discovery and talk or the latest health craze and fitness routine, Reddit is the place for you! Reddit has users spending 15x more time a month than enthusiasts on other health and fitness websites. With all the health and fitness subreddits, it provides a chance for users to engage with other health buffs. 

18. Reddit Receives 27 Million Visitors to Technology Communities 

19. 38% of Users are Technology Enthusiasts

20. Technology Communities Saw a 24% Year-Over-Year Increase in 2018

21. 47% of Redditors Love to Buy Technology


Reddit User Stats

How Many People Use Reddit & What Are They Like?

22. 26.4 Million Americans Use Reddit Monthly

  • In the United States, 26.4 million people are using Reddit monthly. Since they were founded in 2005, Reddit has continued to grow its user base. eMarketer defines someone as a user if they have an account and log on at least once a month. However, it’s important to note that the website is not limited to those that have logged on. Anybody can read the news, watch videos and discover subreddits, so the reach can be even higher than anticipated!

23. Reddit has 330 Million Monthly Active Users

  • The number of people using Reddit has grown, and it’s now reporting as many users as X (formerly known as Twitter)! Reddit’s own data shows that monthly active users have grown from 250 million in 2017 to 330 million in 2018

24. 1.6 Billion Visits Between February 2018 to March 2019

  • In March 2019, nearly 1.6 billion visits in desktop and mobile visits (excluding their app) were accounted for, making Reddit one of the most popular websites. Reddit’s success comes at a great time, given some of the issues that have occurred with other social networks.

25. 42% of Internet Users 18-24 Use Reddit

  • In a study from We Are Flint, they found that 42 percent of U.S. Internet users, between 18 to 24 years old, are using Reddit. This shows that Reddit is becoming popular with this age group and that it will only continue to grow in the coming years.

26. 16 Minutes is the Duration of a Reddit Visit

  • Reddit can be an engaging platform. When users arrive on the site, they spend an average of 16 minutes of consuming content before logging off. As Reddit keeps evolving, the tools and options available will only further attract and engage new audiences. 

27. 15% of U.S. Reddit Users are Male

  • As of February 2019, 15% of male respondents stated that they used Reddit. Whereas only 8% of females stated they use the website. Likewise, it’s safe to say that Reddit is popular with males, and although both datasets use the U.S., it can be expected it is similar around the world.


28. 168 Billion Pages Were Viewed on Reddit in 2018

  • The volume of online traffic to Reddit is mind-boggling. In 2018, Reddit received 168 billion page views. This shows that Reddit is here to stay. And, with millions of users visiting the website, it can be expected that Reddit will only keep growing.

29. 1.7 Billion Comments Were Added in 2019

  • Two years ago, Reddit recorded over 1.7 billion comments from users. This demonstrates that users are actively participating with others and building up their engagement levels. Also, commenting on Reddit can help you potentially generate more traffic to your website! 

30. 32 Billion Upvotes Were Recorded in 2019

  • In Reddit’s 2019 Year in Review, it was recorded that they received 32 Billion Upvotes.  For example, if you think something is meaningful, you upvote it. 

31. Reddit is the Sixth Most Popular Website in the U.S.

  • Since being founded in 2005, Reddit has steadily grown. According to rankings published by Alexa – an Amazon-owned subsidiary, Reddit is now the sixth most popular website in the United States.

32. Reddit gets more than 46.7 million daily searches.

  • You might not think to use Reddit as a search engine, but each day there are more than 46.7 million searches each day on a variety of subjects.
  • 33. 44% of Redditors love to use mobile technology. 
  • Mobile continues to play a big role in Reddit.  In fact, 44% of Reddit’s monthly active users access it through their mobile app or browser.

34. Reddit’s userbase grew by 30% in 2019. 

35. 51% of Gen Zs love the user-driven nature of Reddit 

  • Users love being able to see posts from others who are authentic and willing to help. In fact, 51% of the Gen Zs love the user-driven aspect of the platform.

36. 87% of Gen Z users enjoy being apart of a Reddit community.

  • Respondents love visiting Reddit communities to learn about topics they’re interested in, like r/Minecraft and r/MakeupAddiction. 87% of respondents say there is a community for everybody on the platform.

37. Over 199 million posts were added in 2019

  • Reddit is one of the most underutilized social media marketing platforms. Though, 199 million posts and counting were recorded in 2019. This shows that Reddit is becoming more and more popular.

Reddit Statistics Recap

Didn’t have time to read them all? No worries, here are the top six stats you need to know:

  • 26.4 Million Americans Use Reddit Monthly.
  • Reddit has 330 Million Monthly Active Users
  • Top Reddit Posts Are Under 120 Characters
  • Posts With Questions Receive The Most Comments 
  • External Links are the Most Popular Type of Content
  • Reddit Has One Billion Native Video Views Per Month

What Reddit statistic did you find fascinating? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

I’m also leaving you with our Reddit Marketing Guide, where we share tips on how to drive traffic to your content, reverse engineer any subreddit, and generate more leads & sales from Reddit.

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