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Over the past few years, Foundation has worked hard to create solutions that help businesses strategically move the needle with their content marketing. We’ve focused on specific areas of growth like building a solid digital strategy, retaining customers and taking content distribution to new heights. What are you most looking to improve in 2021? Check out our catalogue below and discover how we can help.

1-Month Content Calendar

Stop and picture what life would be like if every post you published had a clear goal, objective and desired outcome. This is a reality that most brands never unlock but it’s one that is possible with a strategically developed content calendar.

Our content calendar template comes with video training to show you exactly how to create and plan content that drives results.

B2B Growth Academy

B2B growth doesn’t need to feel like rocket science. If you’re looking for a step-by-step content marketing playbook that can give your team real results, we’ve got you covered. 

B2B Growth Academy is a robust, six-module course that teaches B2B marketing executives why content marketing works, how to build a research-backed strategy, how to execute an effective growth engine, and how to scale a marketing team.

Distribution Challenge

This challenge will introduce you to the art of content distribution.

This is a 2-week challenge designed to help creators and marketers get more reach and more results from the content you’ve already created. If you already have blog posts, videos, podcasts and lead magnets sitting around collecting dust, this challenge will give you the blueprint you need to grow your audience, your brand, and your traffic numbers.

DREAM: The Distribution Playbook

Struggling to get traffic, traction and engagement after you press publish? If your content assets aren’t getting any clicks and your videos aren’t getting any views, scroll no further.

In DREAM (Distribution Rules Everything Around Me), we share the BEST distribution strategies for sharing your content effectively. DREAM is your content distribution playbook, and it comes equipped with spreadsheet templates, walkthrough videos and more.

Foundation Labs Insider & Inner Circle

That’s why we publish breakdowns and research that are actually worth your time.

From analyses of how the latest SaaS startup used TikTok to unlock new levels of growth to breakdowns of how brands like Adobe, HubSpot, and Salesforce built their content moat – we publish research-backed essays that are filled with value and so much more.

LinkedIn Swipe Files: The Cheat Sheet

Ready to unlock the engagement potential of LinkedIn? You’ve come to the right place.

This swipe file sources the best posts from LinkedIn and compiles them into one spot so you can learn from some of the best. The posts within this file have a combined reach of more than 13M people, so they’re sure to help boost your LinkedIn skills.

We’re great at creating content, really weak at promoting it. Ross’ course [DREAM] solved this problem for us...it’s a steal at this price.

- Ryan Stewart, Managing Partner at The Blueprint Training and Founder at Capture & Convert

If you want to learn some smart content distribution, go check out @TheCoolestCool's training [DREAM]. Best $31 you'll invest in your marketing knowledge (short & actionable too!).

- Brendan Hufford, SEO Director at Directive

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