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The Final Rush… 8 Content Case Studies

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It’s one of the wildest weeks of the year.

Many of us are in a frantic mad dash towards the Holidays as we attempt to get signatures on contracts, demos in front of prospects and job offers in front of candidates. This chaos all comes to a standstill in just a couple days as offices close and out-of-office autoresponders are turned on.

In fact, this email alone is likely going to be met with hundreds of them.

So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

In the next two weeks, we’re going to send our typical email on Tuesday (ie. this one) and a round-up of information from around the web on Thursdays. The email you receive next Tuesday, in particular, will share some of the ideas and strategies that our team plans to be diving into over the course of 2021.

That all said…

I want to give you some great reading to absorb over the Holidays. I don’t know about you but for me, the break in December is often a great time for reflection, reconfiguration and of course — quality time with the family and friends. This year is going to be strange for all of us.

It’s not like any typical December.

Thus, it’s a perfect time to make it a pivotal one. Below, I’ve included some of the best and most clicked / read case studies published by the Foundation team over 2020. These case studies have been read and shared by tens of thousands of bright marketers around the globe. It’s an honor to know that our content and our work is impacting the way brands operate and build their content culture.

So without further ado…

I encourage you this Holiday season to take some time and read about the strategies being leveraged by some of the best. Take some time to use this information so you can come back in 2021 with new perspectives, new insights and a new sense of momentum to carry you through…

And if the last thing you want to do on your break is read about marketing.

I get it.

In that case, check out the “PS” on this email… I’ve got a special read just for you.

Here’s the case studies:

Hope you enjoy them!

PS: Here’s a site that has nothing to do with marketing but has all the news you should need.

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